Had a simple day today. As a post script for my day 21 log, I ended up not buying the book of heroes. I slacked off a little these few days after farming like 10/10mil and 80k DE 2 days ago. Earlier today my giga tesla lvl3 completed and I started my 4th and final army camp to max. My offense is basically completing soon and the last piece of my puzzle would be heroes. Hopefully I can eventually complete them in the next 3 weeks.


161k DE now, just need to farm another 80k by tomorrow and I’m all set to gem AQ and start lvl57


See, if I farmed hard and bought the BoH, I would only have been able to upgrade AQ today meaning that she would be awake for 2 days. If that happened, I would actually waste gems buying the BoH when I could’ve gemmed her today for 376 gems instead of 500 from the trader. BoH from the trader is only useful if you can farm fast enough, otherwise you’re wasting gems.

This is why I bring zap spells:


No star and no DE, used my zaps and it became 1 star 2.9k DE. Fairly decent since I couldn’t spend elixir as fast anyway

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