Quick update here

Just farmed enough DE for AQ57 today, boosted a little to get her done too. Spent all the gold into walls so now I have 33 walls done (335mil to go) and left my elixir untouched. Below is my base and I’m about 2-3 raids before I go to bed.


I wanted to farm AQ quickly because BK will be done soon too, so the earlier I can start AQ, the earlier I can start farming for BK lvl56.


GW lvl26 completing tomorrow so I just need to farm about 1mil elixir, which is quite tough now that I’m not farming efficiently for the next few raids. Just a small grind left, heroes will be done soon. After they are done, I do not have to worry about farming anymore.

Why am I not farming efficiently?


A 40min army costing almost 200-300k elixir and 1k DE is really hard to be profitable. The gems I get from this gowipe event will be really useful though which is why I’m doing it.

I am also spending much more time farming on mini today, because he is on a much tighter schedule. Its funny how the two accounts’ requirements switch up so quickly which causes me to focus on them separately.

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