Now mini is basically in crisis mode, need to farm 11mil elixir in like a day. With busy days coming up, its not going to be easy. Managed to farm 6.2mil so far with 2-3 raids to go for today. Luckily I have some back ups, even if I cannot farm enough for GW, I can still delay and upgrade a few traps

Why am I in crisis? Because I upgraded miners in lab today, couldn’t do wb because my storage cap is only 11mil so decided that miners are probably my best option since giants, wb, loons are all 12mil upgrades.


Just need to farm 10.4mil for next GW upgrade, so that’s about 4mil more. Actually, I should be able to make it easily now that I think of my circumstances. War will finish in 22 hours and 23 hours to go before warden is done. We will win this war and thus get 2mil elixir, huh. Crisis averted


After this though, I won’t have any upgrades until 3 days later. If I can, I will farm up enough DE for AQ and gem her next level. AQ going to lvl57 right now, will start lvl58 as soon as I farm 230k which is another 95k away. Should be easy

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