Huh, managed to farm enough elixir for warden easily, even got 1.6mil extra. Did anyone notice farming to be really great these past few days? Its crazy, its like I’m a TH11 again. Minimal nexting and really good loot where I will actually raid.


Even have 2mil extra from clan war:


Managed to start GW lvl24 easily today, probably 4-6 weeks to go before this account maxes warden.


My plan is just to fill up elixir and DE in the next 3 days, pretty easy. Then I will start my final army camp and another level of AQ. If I manage to get 240k before the 3 days are up, I will just gem AQ and continue farming.



Just showing that lvl3 troops are as good as maxed because their growth is pathetic. Luckily I neglected some of these troops because their time has decreased making it easier to max them.


Warden lvl24:


Just look at the growth warden gets, if only AQ gets as much. AQ should get like a 50% boost in dps every 10 levels, such exponential growth would definitely justify her cost. Heroes are even something that cannot be donated to lower levels, which will not ruin the balance. Its sad really

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