Alright, after more than 3 weeks of tasting this update, I think I can comment on the new changes that occurred with the TH12 update.

Source for all the changes:

TH12 release notes

TH12 full patch notes

June 26th Balance Changes

June 29th Balance Changes

Below is the list of changes, in order of the lists and not by how important they are to me or to the game. Bolded ones are the ones I think are more important to read

Changes that came with TH12:

  • Giga tesla
    • Decently strong, could’ve been like 10-30% stronger but no real complaints here.
    • I like that upgrading it gives more benefits like increased splash and death damage
    • The above concept should be adopted to different troops and defenses as well so that each level is much stronger. As we know, just increasing numbers linearly will just cause diminishing returns. Instead of just increasing numbers, other factors of the defense can and should increase as well. +1 range to AD? Increased firing speed? Increase AoE of mortars? Increase number of beams of infernos?
  • Siege workshop and machines
    • Great new addition to the game, marred by one of the stupidest decision in the game, allowing SM to be donated to TH10 clan castles.
    • As we can see now, TH10s are wrecking each other and wrecking TH11s easily with a maxed Wall Wreckers in their CC
    • Should’ve been balanced by limiting TH10 to lvl1, TH11 to lvl2 and TH12 has no limits
    • Lvl1 should be much weaker, instead of 6.3k hp at level 1, it should’ve been around 3-4k instead
    • Got nerfed afterwards because as we all know, its too broken for TH10/11
    • Battle blimp far too weak, would’ve been better if they gave it twice as much hp so that it is an extra hound by itself. You can always buff AD just to make it balanced, but ensure that TH10 cannot easily wreck TH11s using the blimp
  • Electro dragon
    • As I predicted initially, they are weak, terribly weak.
    • A good base design would have enough gaps to limit their splash, their natural stats aren’t strong at all
    • It is still stupid that a TH9 can receive electro dragons, lower levels shouldn’t be able to receive higher level troops. This is why the gap between TH levels cannot be too big, because the CC does not limit troops. A TH8 should not be able to get bowlers and miners in CC; a TH9 should only be able to get lvl1 bowlers and miners, not maxed ones.
    • Death damage should be unlocked at lvl2, so a TH10 who receives this troop does not have death damage
    • Death damage also does not damage storages because of poor programming rather than real balancing issues
  • New building and troop levels
    • Almost nothing gets any good increases, that’s why it doesn’t really matter which defenses and troops you choose to upgrade (with a few exceptions)
    • If everything improved like the giga tesla, it would be awesome
  • New hero levels
    • No good increases as well, bringing a WW is much better than upgrading BK making him even more useless
    • Warden is op though, +70% hp or +425 whichever is lower. That means that TH9 troops are far stronger than TH11 troops and as strong as TH12 troops. Looking forward to having him complete, main is about 2 weeks away right now.
  • Minimum requirement before upgrading TH level
    • Nothing huge here actually, end of easy/noob engineers but definitely no change to seasoned engineers
    • This actually hurts maxers and wannabe engineers more than anyone serious engineer
  • Name changes, clan/CG/war tool/notification improvements
    • Nothing huge here, no comments
  • CC sleep mode
    • Finally! Finally! Really good change here, set my CC to sleep and completely forget about it now. Really love this change especially since I use CC for offense anyways and rarely for defense
  • Copy village layout
    • Really nice and good change here, makes copying fwa bases really easy these days. Easily copying base designs of different bases now
  • Replay cooldown
    • Really nice change, loving it
  • Wall ring and trader
    • No real effect on me, I have never even used a wall ring. At least they are semi viable now, if only walls were an actual grind than the current joke we have
  • Wall price discount
    • I don’t get this change, walls were never the most grindy parts of the game, they are in fact the easiest. Reducing it makes TH9 an even bigger joke right now because it still takes longer to do heroes and lab compared to walls
    • At least it semi-fixes the issue in TH8, you throw away 55mil elixir rather than 112mil. Still not a good thing to throw away elixir like that.
  • Treasury
    • The increase is actually really nice because now I can store much more inside.
    • After doing a big upgrade, I can collect 4.5mil back and be on track to my next upgrade. This actually makes planning and farming for upgrades much easier now
  • Star bonus
    • This star bonus increase is great, but just too little too late. I’ve been advocating such changes since the beginning, it made no sense that M3 and Legends used to have only a 200k difference.
    • Now though, M3 and legends is only a 400k difference, still makes no sense. People in legends boast that they can make 2 raids and earn 2mil. This is only the first two raids of the day and only within the first hour. After that it drops to a mere 500k or so per raid and requires heroes (otherwise you wouldn’t get 5 stars in 2 attacks to begin with)
    • If they wanted people to be in high leagues, this change is not enough. An increase in loot bonus, buff to loot cart in higher leagues etc would entice farmers like me, but this change does not help people who need it the most, neither the casual players nor the hardcore farmers
  • War loot increase
    • Another buff to FWA, rejoice! Making 2mil per win and 800k per loss now
  • Lightning spell buff
    • Would’ve been awesome really, allowing us to single maxed zap almost destroy a maxed drill
    • Unfortunately it was nerfed before release, nothing much to say now but at least with the slight 16% buff it can now destroy maxed drills. I can also gain more elixir every time I zap an elixir collector
  • Freeze spell adjustment
    • Makes almost no sense to me, the only buff here is that it can reset single infernos twice as often or make it slightly more flexible that you can bring other dark spells or skip poison altogether
    • The real adjustment is to probably make it 1 spell space and not fully halving its duration. So instead of 5 seconds at lvl6 (halved from 10), it should be 6 seconds and lvl7 should be at
    • Also, it could be coupled with infernos. Low level freeze cannot disable high level infernos and you need lvl6 and lvl7 freeze to stop eagle and giga tesla respectively
    • Actually, since infernos were nerfed, why should TH9s get the freeze spell? No reason that SC buffed lvl1 and gave it to TH9 *facepalm*
    • If TH9s really wanted freeze spells, they could’ve gotten it from TH10s with the new change
  • Clone spell adjustment
    • Another useless change here, because it does not provide any additional value compared to the old clone spell.
    • I’m sure when people wanted 3 spell space clones, they meant the capacity to be maintained, not reduced
    • Seriously, a small adjustment to increase clone duration would be definitely helpful, starting 30s duration to 60-70s at max would certainly increase usage
    • Hope they don’t make another nonsensical lvl6 clone which produces 33 additional troops (linear increase), it should give like 35 troops
  • AT and bomb tower rebalance
    • Nothing to see here, nothing remarkable.
  • Inferno buff
    • Small buff, but a buff nonetheless. Could’ve just increased the amount of beams and quicken the charge for higher level infernos
    • Lvl5 infernos should get the 6th beam
    • Lvl5 infernos should also charge up faster and deal full damage in 2.5s
    • Lvl6 single infernos should charge up in 2s. It currently takes 5.25s to charge up only to deal 2k dps, so a BK/WW/golem can survive the single beam for a full 10 seconds before perishing. With the change, singles would kill a BK in 6 seconds or less
    • Honestly infernos just need a small buff, the bigger buff should come to Eagle after what is happening to TH11s right now
  • Eagle nerf
    • This change does nothing to change the dynamics of the game, giants are still stronger is almost every shape and form because of how the warden works.
    • Having just recently played the gowipe event, I can say that golems are still very weak and cannot survive anything because their growth just sucks and they gain nothing from the warden.
    • Eagle dps should’ve just been doubled with the golem bonus damage reduced
    • Infernos at maxed TH11 level have 350 dps, eagle has 90 dps (unreliable splash), giga tesla at lvl1 has 300 dps
    • Eagle needs a massive buff, like at least increasing its splash, because it dealing massive dmg to a ton of troops is more of a fluke than anything else
  • Healer nerf
    • When I first heard this, I was ecstatic, because healers needed this
    • However, SC afterwards confirmed that the nerf only applied to troops and heroes will still be getting the same benefit.
    • SC really has no idea how to balance this game by making QW so terribly broken, at least I’m approaching lvl60 AQ soon so I will abuse it till the end of days
    • Really, an AQ under rage can survive half the field of point defenses, what?
    • The best nerf to healers would be to simply make them immune to rage spell, this would make QW balanced and they wouldn’t be broken on other troops as well
    • They can already program the siege machines to be immune to spells, why can’t healers too? This one singular change would make QW a really high risk, high reward strategy unlike its current iteration of QW or die
  • Miner buff
    • I was ecstatic with this change too initially
    • 1.2 > 0.6s submerge and surface is what it originally had. When miners got the quintuple nerf, the delay after surfacing was the biggest nerf and reversing that one single thing would’ve made miners really good again
    • However, it was changed to 1.2 > 1.0s right before the update dropped. Pretty disappointing
    • They are still really good, but they could’ve been much better
    • Luckily, they are still really good in dipping down which is something higher levels severely need. A TH11 using an army like mass miners should only use 2 spells and at most 1 lvl20 hero to crush a maxed TH10 easily.
    • Unfortunately, TH12 miners cannot fill such a role when you want to crush TH11s
  • Giant buff
    • Not sure why this was needed but this only increased the disparity between giants vs golems.
  • Bowler nerf, pekka buff, dragon buff
    • Did nothing to encourage/discourage different styles of play.
    • This would’ve been much better:
      • Bowler’s 2nd hit damage reduced: lvl1’s splash only at 30%, lvl4 at 60% (TH9 only has access to lvl1 bowlers). Lvl4 bowlers have 100 dps, lvl1-3 maintain same dps as pre-patch
      • Pekka’s initial attack delay reduced to 0.3s at lvl5 and above (slightly longer than valks and loons), no change to lvl1-4. TH9s can only access lvl5 pekka in CC and TH8 can only access lvl4
      • Dragon’s delay between attacks reduced to 0.6s for lvl5 and above. Initial attack delay maintains the same, so it will take 1.25s before dragon starts its first attack, but attacks much faster. Dps maintains the same, so first hit will be full dmg (1.25*dps) and every subsequent hits deal half dmg (or 0.6*dps)
    • I’m not claiming that these changes would make them balanced or better, but it is certainly more fun and rewarding to upgrade these troops now
  • Witch buff
    • Not sure why they want to nerf bowlers then turn around and buff witches again
    • Bowitch is still the best army to use right now
    • The change is fundamentally good, the only small change I would make is to buff lvl4 witches to produce 5 skeletons instead of 4, this is because I previously said to buff infernos to have 6 beams, so 5 skeletons would serve well
  • Builder base
    • Meh, don’t care about the wall segments or the super pekka buff

Upgrade time reductions: (26th Jun update)

After hearing the most frequent complaint in reddit, SC chose to decrease all the upgrade times for everything below TH11, and even most TH11 upgrades get a reduction. This change is probably very impromptu in nature but very well received.

Barch research time was reduced even before this update, and now it got reduced even further!

Most notable changes here are the hero ones.

  • Time taken to upgrade BK/AQ
    • Lvl1-30: 157.5 days > 82 days (48% reduction)
    • Lvl31-40: 70 days > 61 days (13% reduction)
    • Lvl1-40: 227.5 days > 143 days (37% reduction)
    • This means that a new player can rush to TH10, upgrade one hero at a time, and still get 40/40 heroes in less than a year of starting the game
    • Because the reduction in time in <50% and the requirements have been reduced by 50% (you only need to upgrade one hero at a time), it is actually now easier to get high level heroes and more quickly
    • Total cost of AQ from 1-40 = 3.7675mil DE
      • Divided by 143 days = 26.3k DE/day or 19k DE/day after drills. That’s about 4 raids for a TH10
    • Total cost of AQ from 1-30 = 2.2mil DE
      • Divided by 82 days = 26.8k DE/day or 22k DE/day after drills. That’s about 8 raids for a TH9
      • Another good reason why you shouldn’t try so hard to max DE as a TH9, similar costs but lower DE income. The additional drill by itself will cut down your farming by 10%
  • All other changes
    • The good thing now is that the transitional period for TH2-10 has been reduced so you should be able to get your footing much easier
    • I’ve always advocated that a new TH level should be easy and painless, but even if you maxed out it isn’t always the case.
    • Now for TH10, it will only take you 2 weeks to finish lab, army camps, barch and cc, you can even slot in infernos if you choose not to upgrade heroes

June 29th rebalance

  • Wall wrecker nerf
    • Because wall wrecker was clearly too OP for TH10/11, they chose to nerf it all instead of limiting it. I’ve written about this above but this change just gives me a sour taste
    • This is not the first time they nerfed something because lower levels complained about it. That’s why we can’t have good things in high levels
  • Super pekka buff, again
    • Very sudden change again, didn’t change the meta much for me who is hanging around 4000-4400
  • Inferno tower buff, again
    • Increasing the range of multi isn’t going to help much, should’ve increased the range of singles instead so that we can have a reliable way to stop QW.
    • Talked about infernos on top already, read that for what I propose instead of these senseless changes
    • Would’ve been cool if they increased the range of lvl4 and above instead of all levels, but TH10 does need a defense buff because TH9s are walking all over maxed TH10s
  • Collector buff
    • Another buff to us low league farmers
    • If a base had 340k available loot to be raided, you can raid it and it will regenerate back to 340k after 12 hours. This is a massive boost and we all can feel it already
    • Collectors are now fuller and abundant, loot is really good right now

I think that’s all the changes and all my thoughts regarding this. Tell me your thoughts as well, what do you think about the changes here?

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