This was my base 2 days ago as well:


Loot completely drained so I must have upgraded something. I just upgraded 4 walls and started BK lvl56. Luckily I currently have the time to farm enough and get 240k DE every 2.5 days or so. At this pace, I can probably max out AQ/GW in 12-15 days and BK in 20 days. I will probably have not enough gems to finish that, but I do have 1 BoH and 1 BoE, hopefully that is enough.


Picture from two days ago, I managed to farm much faster and gemmed army camps because my gold and elixir were both full.

Some attack logs from 2 days ago:


DE is the most important thing to me, so despite finding a ton of dead bases like above, I only get the easy DE.

Instead, I’m hitting bases like these:


DE is everything right now, because I would overflow on gold and elixir. Despite farming almost exclusively DE, I still overflowed on G/E

Another series of pictures for one upgrade:

Screenshot_20180709_164839Screenshot_20180709_164915Screenshot_20180709_164918Your farming slows down by 33% (army training time increases by 50%) when you upgrade one single barracks. Doing that will seriously harm my farming so I will just use BoB to skip it.

This is my base today after the upgrade:Screenshot_20180709_164938

Currently have 7.8mil/4.2mil/196k, farmed a little after the picture above. I collected 3mil+ from treasury which explains the disparity between gold and the others.

40 walls complete, 60 left to go. 300mil to go

Clan game rewards:


Gems are everything, resources still make no sense for me to collect. I need all the gems I can get to skip AQ/GW wait time.

My clan is really too relaxed in terms of getting CG points, it took us only 4 days to 40k but we only managed to break 50k in the last 12 hours. I will need to bring my whip the next time we have CG in a week


I will need to farm slightly harder to finish AQ more quickly. Once I farmed enough for this AQ level, I can start farming for the next BK level which is about 4.5 days to go.

In the picture above, there are two upgrades which will finish in 7 days. That’s generally not good because it is really hard to upgrade two builders at the same time especially since I maxed TH11. Fortunately, I can still do elixir upgrades so I plan to start 1 gold upgrade (giga tesla possibly) and 1 elixir upgrade (another gold storage) in 7 days. I can also actually start 2 gold storages because they are so cheap.

The plan in the next 2 days would be simple, farm enough DE for AQ then farm enough elixir for GW.

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