Quick update showing the progress in the last 4 days. After filling up my DE, I gemmed AQ then used book of building to complete a barracks.

Screenshot_20180707_094253Screenshot_20180707_094300Screenshot_20180707_094303Screenshot_20180707_094309So AQ is going to lvl58 right now, hopefully I can max her on mini in 10 days

This was the status of this account 2 days ago:Screenshot_20180707_094315

Since then, I have started the final army camp on this account so its less than 2 weeks to maxed army camps. Going to complete gold storages next so that I can finally start on defenses.

Base today:


Mini has 25 walls done, so 75 to go (375mil). These walls will fly after I complete heroes or at least AQ. This account only has a lvl23 GW who is upgrading right now, so it will take me around 6 weeks to complete him. Looks like I won’t have enough gems for him after I finish AQ though :/

I can certainly farm without him, but if I can farm faster and complete him faster, that would be most preferable.


Plan is pretty straightforward right now, I will start my first gold storage in a day then proceed to farm enough to start the next GW level in 2.5 days. I will thus need 16mil elixir in 2.5 days, quite easy.


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