Another quick update here, upgraded both AQ and GW recently so now my heroes are 55/57/27 with all 3 down. Yet to see anyone in titans/legends farming faster, they will have at least warden up which is a huge mistake. Warden is actually the strongest hero of the three and the boost to his aura will be insane to all troops. Imagine maxed balloons and miners having 1270 hp each, looking forward to that.


With the current lull in my upgrades, it will be good to fill up on all 3 resources quickly. The plan should be simple, but I also have a miner upgrade that is due in 3.5 days in the picture below


The plan here is to farm 24mil elixir in 3.5 days to upgrade warden and miners in lab. It should be possible as I am at the 8mil elixir mark now and I still have 3 days left. Besides that I will also farm up 240k DE, gem BK completion and start lvl57. Hopefully I can grind out warden and max him before next Tuesday, queen will take a little longer and probably finish by next Saturday at the latest.


  1. Sin, I finally took my mains to th11. Having hard time finding bases to barch. Any suggestions on league sweet spot? Have one in crystal 1 and 2 and the other is in masters 1 and 2. Not finding good bases in either.


    • Hmm, that should be the right league actually. Try farming now or 1-2 hours later, loot should be better then. Loot was great yesterday around this time, but my TH12 isn’t finding much easily today


      • Thanks. My prime availability hours are in about 3 hours from now though I do check at different times of the day. I am central US (-5GMT I think) and its just about 5pm now. Historically the loot forecaster has shown evenings as the best loot and thats always been what I have experienced. Been at 11 for a week or so now and just haven’t had any luck. Nexting way more than I ever did at 10. I am debating switching back to miners as I do see some juicier targets that barch isn’t able to handle. But as I know you will say, miners is so much more expensive. I have my warderns going to 5 at least, but thats really all I have done with elixir. Though I also have been really discouraged and have only gotten a couple attacks per day in on average.


      • I had some better success over the weekend. I dropped the masters account down to crystal with the other. Part of my problem is I haven’t had as much prime time farming as times past. I have been having to do more in the mornings and day time which is generally the loot drought. So that is affecting it as well. The last couple days have been pretty bad again. Like 50 or more nexts and then I take a mediocre target. It’s really soured me on TH11 as I am farming worse here than TH10. And that is painful as I have always shared your opinion that farming is better at higher town halls because higher town halls have more loot. Then again, TH11 has no collector upgrades of any kind, correct? So I guess in theory that would mean collector raiding would be a pretty flat change compared to TH10.


      • Yeah, TH10 and TH11 farms about the same amount. I’m finding great loot in TH12 though, at almost all times of the day. That’s with a 20% loot penalty against TH11s even. I can boost barracks and find a dead base before my army finishes (6min). There are only 6 hours of bad farming time which coincides with my sleeping time


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