Day 31 which means it is a month since TH12 was released. This is the progress of my mini in 1 months of TH12, decent? I’ve heard that the people who maxed out TH11 (upgrading barracks, barch and electro dragon) are just beginning to reach TH12 right now. Wow, a whole month of delay for those folks with underleveled heroes, defenses and troops. All the delay just to be “maxed”, what for?


Only one upgrade yesterday which was my first gold storage to max. You’ll need to upgrade at least 2 to start any TH12 defense upgrade except tesla/giga tesla. Poor game design and balance imo, you should reach TH12 running rather than being forced to upgrade storage. Thankfully they didn’t gate army camps or siege workshop behind this storage wall otherwise I would be pissed honestly


Plan here is to wake up tomorrow morning and complete warden, then I will need to farm up about 30k DE to upgrade AQ again. Easy peasy

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