Well, another day of upgrades. I’m now farming super hard because my heroes are now almost done. Did 2 hero upgrades today, warden lvl29 and bk lvl57.

As I expected, in the reddit thread “how is your th12 going”, most people have low level heroes and are still justifying how good high leagues are. Even if they didn’t gem, they should have 54/54/24 now but this is not what I see. Most people are sporting lvl52-54 heroes which means that they neglected them or cannot farm fast enough for them.

I already have friends in hardcore farming clans that have completed their 60/60/30 and walls. These players did it by playing zombie mode in silver. Well, kudos to them because they are now enjoying the game. Soon, I will join them too

Gems almost running out though, I will need another top up it seems. Miner lvl6 is going to complete in 2 days, will need to farm up 12mil to start wallbreakers. After that, it is the last stretch to max warden

Eta warden completion: 3 days

Eta aq completion: 6 days?

AQ is really going to be hard because after her first upgrade, she will only be lvl59 so I will need to farm up another 236k to finish her last level. The issue here is that bk will reach his next level in 7 days. Hardcore farming will be really necessary

Goal: 24mil elixir in 3 days

Goal 2: 689k de in 7 days (96k de/day)

An offer like this would instantly solve my problems, but what is the purpose of skipping my favorite part of the game? The only reason I play this game is to farm, so I’m not going to pay money and skip that


  1. Hey there, we talked on reddit. I was iffy about dropping from titan. Well I’m now in m3! Decent loot. Kinda sucks seeing big storages bases I won’t be hitting hard and no bonus, but I see how loot is good. I remember being down here!

    I saw you said zombie in silver. Is that just dedicating a ton of time to it and re-dropping? At a certain low point, loot is no good. But lower leagues = easier clan game challenges overall!


    • Yup, its nice isn’t it. Easy raids, sometimes I even use some barbs + the WW to steal 3k DE. I’ve hit 5-7k repeatedly today as well

      Zombie in silver is basically dropping goblins and taking as much loot as possible per goblin. People who do this can get hundreds of raids in a day each stealing a few k to 400k elixir


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