First off, I want to show off a video of one raid:


It was after I recorded and uploaded to youtube before I realised that it had no sound at all. I usually play clash without sound at all so having it without sound wasn’t bothering me until it was uploaded to youtube. A youtube video without sound does seem to be very weird.

This is not the biggest raid I did today but just a showcase of what happens when everything goes nicely. This is basically how I farmed DE the entire day because I needed to do 2 big DE upgrades on 2 different accounts.

Just a sample of my attack log


I like how good the gains are here. People in titans and legends are showing me attack logs of 100-200k loot and saying its good, its terrifying. I cannot understand people justifying 40min armies to get the same loot as I do and they spend much more effort. Instead of saying the bonus pays for whatever expensive inefficient armies you’re using, why don’t you ensure your raid contains enough loot in the first place?

You don’t see me attacking in M2 for 100k/100k and say “the M2 bonus pays for my barch, everything I raid on top is gravy”. Idiots


The above is a sample of using the WW to my advantage. Easy loot right?

That’s all for this short showcase. Will try to record and upload more videos and take more pictures of my attack logs


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