After a day of hard DE farming, finally got this:


Finally, at least I’m done with her on one account. Haven’t really tried her out, started writing these posts after finishing both heavy DE upgrades.



No loot left after doing so many upgrades. Did quite a few upgrades these past few days too, Warden is going to lvl26 right now. 4 more levels and I’m done with him as well, that’s only 46mil elixir away, BK will take some time but I won’t miss him at all. He’s less useful anyway and the WW is much stronger than he will ever be.


Plan is simple, farm till maxed elixir in 2 days. Start giga tesla with my builder and start wb to max in lab.


  1. Hey Sin! It’s me again, and I don’t think you will recognize me anyways. But, I have had a conversation with you once, and ever since I read your journal entries during TH 7, 8 and 9, I have had a different view on rushing. I now am a rusher myself, and I just want to thank you for making my life so much easier.

    I just upgraded my TH from 7 – 8 and right now I am following your TH8 guide. In case you want a link added here it is:

    What do you think I should upgrade/max before going to TH9? I won’t bother upgrading my defenses, so what do you think I should do from your list. Should I do all the second priority upgrades? Should I max all barracks and dark barrcaks. Don’t tell my that it is my opinion tho pls, just tell me what you would do right now if you were in my shoes.

    Secondly, what comps should I use for farming:
    Elixir and Gold (I currently use Barch and I know you do to)
    Dark Elixir (I use barch but I don’t think it will work later on as my needs increase)

    Also, how did you get to crystal using Barch only. I can’t get out of gold II…

    Finally, I will request you to make a guide explaining all the misconceptions and advantages of rushing. I know you have already done that, but it was very brief. In case you wanted more info here is a link which I think summed it up really well:

    Morgauth has done really well in my opinion. Sorry for typing too much and I hope you can get to me soon


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