The pics below was from yesterday

Ah, I went skiing with my friends yesterday and in the morning, I farmed up enough to start WB to max. But then I thought, should I spend the gems here?


After completing this, I can take my time and farm up 12mil again in maybe 2 days before finally maxing warden. I would spend like 800 gems for this, or:


Should I gem warden and instantly get a maxed warden? But then I would need to farm at least 9mil in 26 hours to start my next lab upgrade (baby or electro dragon)

I was going to ski with my friends, but we would also have a 6 hour bus ride (3 going, 3 back) so I figured that I should be able to farm even 12mil comfortably in 26 hours.

Those on reddit should already know my decision


Woohoo, maxed warden! And after playing with him for more than a day now, I can confirm that he is broken when used with barch. Now my barch doesn’t just die to TH9 splash defenses and it takes at least TH11 splash to one shot my arch. Its crazy seeing my troops survive so long under warden after not having him for 5 weeks now.

My base yesterday:



Unfortunately, most of the bus ride yesterday was without cellular connection. There was no data connection so I couldn’t play clash for most of the bus ride. Oh well, now I have an idle lab

This is an instance where I would have benefited greatly from rushing, if I had cheap dragons or pekkas, I can still keep my lab busy while I sort out my upgrades. Unfortunately, farming 12mil would keep my lab idle for maybe 12 hours but getting 9mil for baby/electro will only let my lab idle for 4 hours or less.


In the end, I settled to upgrade electro dragons


Now, how about my DE?

Screenshot_20180715_211812Farmed a few more hours and finally got 232k DE ready for my next upgrade.

I bought some gems too otherwise I wouldn’t have enough to finish these last few AQ/BK upgrades. SC, take notes. See how much gems I am willing to spend if I get a ton of updates. When TH11 was trickled, I didn’t bother buying many gems because there was nothing worth gemming.


AQ going to lvl59 now. I just need to farm another 236k and she will be completed. I’m in the home stretch right now, just need some more hardcore farming.


The builder on Warden did 2 levels of the new giant bomb and then started giga tesla lvl4.

My plan for the next 2 upgrades tomorrow is to start another gold storage and start leveling my lvl1 tesla.

4.5 days to another level of BK. If I am ambitious, I might farm 453k DE in 4.5 days. I’m not too confident if I can do that especially since the weekdays are coming. Would be great if I could though


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