Much better progress on this account and everything is going on really smoothly. After maxing warden, I don’t need to focus on elixir as much so I can freely spend more effort on maxing my other heroes.

After a while, all my elixir will be funneled into walls. This is another thing high league farmers don’t understand. Most of the time gold does not go into walls, elixir does. If you are doing upgrades which complete every 2-3 days, you may farm 12mil gold but only 6mil elixir. This means only one wall is being upgraded every 2-3 days. Pretty slow if you do that.

This pic was before I farmed for today, now I’m sitting comfortably at 6mil/4.5mil/78k




I farmed enough DE for BK today and upgraded him instead of AQ. If I upgraded AQ today, I would’ve have a maxed AQ and will need to farm 221k DE in 2 days for the next BK level. I felt it would be kinda stressful so I chose not to do so. Now I can take my sweet time (probably 3 days at most) to farm 236k DE for AQ instead. Hopefully I can get a maxed AQ in 3 days. After this, its the home stretch of 670k DE for the last 3 BK levels and I’ll be finally complete with this grind.

It was a fun one, but I feel a tiny bit burned out. 5 level intervals was better for me since I had the motivation to complete those in like 2-3 weeks. Doing this for 5 weeks now, I do feel a little tired but knowing it is going to end in like 10 more days, I am still fine with it. I cannot fathom how can people put up with this grind for months on end. Doing it fast and finishing it quickly tends to have less burn out than dragging it for a long long time.

Here’s a video sample of my farming today:

That’s how I farm 6k DE per raid with enough nexts. The key is to use siege machines, warden and zap spells. WW and warden will allow barch to break 1 drill and the storage whereas 4 zaps will trade for the 2 remaining drills to get 6k DE. Its much cheaper than gob knife which probably will fail against the giga tesla and definitely cheaper than any war army in existence.

Attack logs for the day:


Was boosted for most of this log. Was able to farm up like 50k DE in the one hour. Hopefully can max my heroes in a few more boosts


  1. Congrats on finishing those Heroes! Awesome job!!
    While i understand that you like farming in low trophy, IMHO, there are some misunderstanding regarding farming in high trophy.
    Your high trophy numbers seems outdated and based on casual players, not real hardcore farmers as yourself.
    First of all, we don’t use “war armies” that cooks for 40mins, some use LavaLoon or Miners that cooks around 20-30mins, no heroes needed.
    We are also not targetting 100~200k loots. Personally, i only attack if i could get 400k+ each, 700k+ combined, or 4k+ DE.
    Lastly, we don’t need 2-3 days to farm 6M Elixir.. For me, i farmed 12M Gold and 12M Elixir in 1 day, And only need around 2 days to max my DE storage. In fact, i only got 7 lv. 13 walls left without even having 1 spare builder free all the time.
    Since you have 2 accounts, perhaps you could try to farm in Titan 3 for one of them, and check it out yourself.
    You might be surprised 🙂


    • Please, show me your attack log and prove me wrong. I just finished a one hour boosted session in champs 2 and it was terrible, only 2.5mil elixir/15k DE in 7 raids. That is also with 3 heroes awake which is terrible for farming, the only reason to farm good is to keep all heroes upgrading. If you really are farming that good, what are your hero levels? If you can farm 12mil/12mil in a day, then your hero levels should be something like 55/55/30 right now.

      If I farmed in T3 instead of champs 2 just now, I would’ve made at most 500k extra elixir from the extra bonus. 3mil/hour isn’t nearly good at all compared to 4-5mil minimum in low leagues.


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