Some hardcore inefficient farming done on this account. Man, its painful to use laloon here in champs. I can barely score 3 storages so only 270k elixir per raid with a huge 250k elixir and 2.5k DE cost. Its crazy. I wonder how do people even survive here, oh wait because of their neglected warden. Basically, if you are a TH12 and have no warden, even TH14 troops won’t help you because your offense is horrible without your strongest hero.

I somehow managed to farm up the 12mil required for wb. On hindsight I probably should’ve worked on loons instead since I’m using them now. However, I think I will not be able to tolerate this league much longer and will probably drop soon. The amount of effort required per raid is stupid and the huge chance of failure is just crazy. A 270k yield out of a 450k base is a 180k loss to me. The loss of opportunity cost is as painful as real loss because it is real loss. Probably will go back into the comfort of crystal soon. Elixir is horribly slow and my DE is barely moving. Maxed AQ 3 days ago just barely halfway the DE mark for my next BK level. This is bad, real bad.


Builder progress:


Next upgrade is warden and I highly doubt I can farm 11mil in 2 days unless I boost a ton or drop. Even a maxed AQ is useless here because diminishing returns mean that she is not much stronger than lvl50.

Some real bad planning on my next 3 builders after warden. I chose to upgrade hidden tesla yesterday so that I have a long upgrade going. The optimal upgrade for that was actually giga tesla, but that was a 4 day upgrade which meant that 4 builders will complete in 3-4 days, not good.

My plan right now is to mad farm elixir so that I can start my next warden level. Will need to quickly finish warden if I want high leagues to be lucrative. As is, I can see why every bad farmer is neglecting warden right now, because he is just too good. You can have TH10 troops, but with a lvl30 warden, they are stronger than TH12 troops

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