Champs is so horrible that I’m now using my secret weapon.


Notice below?Screenshot_20180720_204336

Yup, warden is awake right now. So this morning I finally farmed 11.2mil and gemmed warden, upgrade, BoH. This is essentially what I usually do when I maxed my heroes, doing their last level (check the post above for main account). With warden, farming is finally tolerable, I can find success against enemies now.

I used the spare builder for the giga tesla. So now I have 1.5 days before the next upgrade. I plan to upgrade another tesla to max using that builder. Also 2 builders coming free right after in 9-12 hours, I hope that I can farm enough to upgrade warden and BK again. After that, I am not sure if I can even farm. Hopefully I find something suitable.

Boosted attack log:


I’ll let you judge whether this is a good boosted hour. My army costs 250k elixir and 3.4k DE. In the end of the hour, I think my loot barely went up by 2.5mil elixir which is pathetic. I was aiming for elixir for most of the raids but barely making any progress. Compared to 3-5mil elixir per boosted hour in crystal using barch

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