Below was my base yesterday.


Was wondering why I took this picture but now I realise it. I upgraded a gold storage yesterday and used the spare gold to upgrade 2 walls. I now have 112k DE but need 451k to complete my BK.

Then this happened today:


Is this a sign from the gods? Its 11am when I saw this and I am around 80k DE up from the last pic yesterday.

Well, time to bite the bullet and farm like a madman. I have 10mil elixir that can be used as ammo to trade for DE, and I’m not afraid to use it.


Doing something I wouldn’t usually condone:


Yes, farming with miners. Going to trade elixir today, afterwards I can spend all the elixir I like in walls.

After some mild farming, I mean 30min of boosted farming. I had the 224k ready for BK lvl 59. And as with standard procedure, I use a book of builder to instantly complete a barracks before proceeding with the upgrade I intend to do.


BK going to lvl59! Another 227k to maxed BK!

And now, my base almost at the end of the farming day. I currently have 123k DE (not the 111k in the pic), so I just need another 104k DE more to max my BK. I plan to wait until clan games end which is another 21 hours before completing my BK because the book of heroes reward in the CG. I should have enough free time tomorrow or squeeze enough free time to farm the DE, hopefully.


In the end, I actually didn’t go too much negative in elixir. I spend 4mil in the barracks and had 10mil to start out with, so my elixir broke even while my DE increased by about 150k today.

I have 57 walls done right now. 43 walls should really easy after I max my heroes, might even try high leagues after this and crush all those plebs with underleveled heroes.


My next plan is just to upgrade a hidden tesla to max. Once clan games are done, my BK should also be done. After heroes are maxed, no more planning is needed because everything will come easily


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