Finally gave up on champs and now in silver. It is extremely liberating and fun to farm here. I used to hate to boost farm because continuously farming was tiring. But now, it is so fun to just attack and attack. I still don’t boost, but I can attack again and again non-stop.

Below are the results of me farming from zero to half full storages in less than 2 hours. Could’ve farmed way more, but I was focusing on main for almost the entire day.


Why did I drop from champs? Easy, because I chose to upgrade my heroes. 3 builders came free today, I upgraded warden, BK and my low level tesla. I dumped the rest of the gold into walls.


So far I’m having much more fun here in silver, will update how much fun I’m having after a few days here. Now I can see how people could have maxed their 60/60/30 much earlier than me.

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  1. Hey there. I tried silver, but it seemed like there was no loot, and goblin milking/zombie seemed like it wasn’t lucrative or fun. But it is lucrative I know. I like crystal more, though it’s still fun hitting big bases. I am progressing nicely though!


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