32 hours of hard farming, of which I spent about 16 hours sleeping and 9 hours in work, finally culminating in this:


BK lvl59 complete! Time to collect my second book of heroes


BK is maxed! What a sight


What a sight indeed.

4.33mil DE, 109mil elixir, all farmed in about 6 weeks.

Ignoring the fact that people have farmed in silver and completed heroes 2 weeks before I did, I think this is a great accomplishment indeed. Tryhards in high leagues will keep saying the way they farm is the best, but the results don’t lie. These tryhards don’t even come close to my hero levels, not even halfway.

Gems spent: $20 for TH12 value pack, $40 for 5000 gems

Whew, end of the time. Time to savour the fruits of my journey? Maybe its time to go to high leagues? Who knows what lies ahead.



Just spent all my gold before the BK on a tesla to max, so I just used the spare builder after BK to start a spring trap. Plan to casually farm another 10mil gold maybe to start another tesla. If gold is all that remains and I don’t need to worry about heroes, then high leagues will be the best option.


For now, I need to farm 12mil elixir for my lab in 1.5 days. Time to switch back to barch and enjoy the easy elixir flow. I have basically gained zero elixir, even negative 600k in pursuit of my maxed heroes dream. Time to slow down and go back to barch.

If I can’t farm 10mil in 16 hours, I will just continue upgrading traps. I will need to try and space out my builders so that my 14 day upgrades don’t complete too soon together.


  1. Whew! That BK looks BEAST! Nice work!

    I was busy with work and just saw your reply on my comment on the other post.
    This is my attack log, was not really active for several days:

    As you can see, 23 hours after i upgraded my Army Camp, i already have 11.7M Elixir.
    And 18 hours after i upgraded my BK, i already have 84K DE.

    2.5M Elix and 15k DE is indeed horrible when boosting.
    You should get around 4M, which is comparable with low league.

    I’m not the only one getting these loots though, you can check SC Forum for others:

    Currently my Heroes are 54/57/20.
    I don’t buy BoH and only use the ones i got from Clan Games, and i have a spare one in my storage just for collection.
    And also purposefully not doing Warden until my AQ is maxed, so i can at least use the maxed AQ for something..

    Champs is horrible for loots.
    It’s not only because of the extra bonus you get in Titan 3, but also because of the base selections.
    The bases that you see nexting in Titan 3 are very much different than in Champs league,

    I see you are no longer in DarkFarm. I know Zwaluw from DF, she was in my clan before.
    I’ll send you a friend invite so you can check out my progress.


    • Correction, i just upgraded my BK, so my heroes are 55/57/20.
      I have 4 days to farm 200k before my AQ is awake.. I don’t even need to change to Miners for efficient DE farming.. 120k DE per day non-boosted with Miners are just too much and too fast..
      My 2k+ DE cost army are sufficient for relaxed DE farming.


      • That’s still 12/30 or 36% as fast as me. Changes nothing. I expect at least 56/56/26 by now if high leagues are any good (100% hero downtime with no gems)


    • The thing is, the goal of my farming is to keep all 3 heroes upgrading, nothing less. If something is keeping only 2 heroes down, that is inferior to what I can do. High leagues depend entirely on heroes, and your progress despite what you show is only 1/3 of what I have done, so whatever farming you did is only 1/3 as good. I still don’t see many people having high level heroes in high leagues which just proves my point.

      If your goal of farming is to take it slow with heroes, that’s fine. But claiming good farming while having neglecting heroes isn’t anywhere near good.


  2. Hmm.. I’m not trying to compete with you.. You did finish all heroes first before me 🙂
    And yes, i do purposefully neglect my Warden, not because i depend on him, but because of other reason. As you can see in my log, i do fine without any heroes in Titan 3.

    If you expect 56/56 heroes except the Warden, then i’m actually within your expectation with 55/57 heroes.
    The Warden is less than 120M Elixir for 10 levels, it’s a “tiny” amount, we hardcore farmers can farm this in 10 days. 100 lv.13 walls that i already finished cost 500M..

    Anyway, my point is not that high league farming is “the best”. I’m just trying to inform and update you that high league farming is not all that bad as you think (100k-200k loots, 2-3 days for 6M elixir, 40 mins war armies, etc2). It’s quite far from that and actually comparable with low league farming.

    Btw, after upgrading my BK, i tried to focus on farming DE with my inefficient 2k+ DE cost LavaLoon army:

    Filled the DE storage to 100k in 9 hours without boosting. It’s not that bad right? 🙂


    • Viable, definitely. Good? Depends. Me and a few friends had a competition of farming in the beginning of th12. I’m considered quite slow among them, but much faster than anyone in titans. Loot just tanks after you have all 3 heroes down.

      The competition was simply keeping all heroes down at all times and maxing 60/60/30 heroes. Warden is “easy” definitely, but remember you cannot use him at all for the few weeks you’re upgrading him, that is the hard part. You can have maxed th12 troops but without warden, your troops are weak and rushed.

      You see, the advantage of being in low leagues here especially after I maxed my aq, is that I could drop a few troops or aq alone and grab 3k de without fuss. If you check the logs of my last few days before bk was done, you could see me to just that and get like 20-30k/hour unboosted.

      Viable, definitely and I would include it in my final th12 farming guide. However, it is not a recommendation I would give everyone. My guides here are mostly people who min/max or are trying to fix their rush. These people would either have lvl0 upgrading heroes or non viable troops to farm in titans. This is why I generally do not recommend it.

      I also have a friend who got 60/60/30 heroes a while back. He is now farming in T2, with just gibarch and usually no spells. He’s just getting 50-60% one stars and taking 4 storages or so to get something like 200/200k plus bonus. That looks good and that might be what I will do soon. For now though, I’m just enjoying the hog event to attack for free and get 400-500 + masters/champs bonus


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