With the current hog event, hogs and heals are basically free. Now you can just drop 40-50 hogs and watch them demolish dead and premmie bases.

If you have maxed AQ, use this:


If you are still upgrading AQ, use this:


Make sure you can destroy the base you target, otherwise you will be left with a nearly destroyed base but only 200k loot instead of 400k. Try to bring cc valks or something like that as backup, do not attempt to attack bases you are not sure of. If you fail, you fail spectacularly.

Another disadvantage of this army is the horrendous 40min training time, so make sure every one of the hits count. Don’t waste 40min and only return with 100-200k loot. If you are really really confident, you can choose to only drop 20-30 hogs instead of the full army so that you don’t need so much time to retrain the full army. But be careful not to fail the raid if you choose to do so!

With QW, you have much more insurance that you probably will not fail too bad. However, keeping AQ awake isn’t really a good idea so only use it if you have maxed AQ.

Here’s a video of my raids:

Hope you like the video.

Here are my attack logs, all these raids span from crystal to champs. Dead bases are found everywhere! No excuse to farm only dead bases, because there are so many!


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