Probably due to the hog event, I’ve been farming quite successfully these past few days.


Yes, maxed warden! This means I have maxed 2 heroes so far on this account and only the relatively useless BK is left in the dust.


Says that BK is useless in one paragraph and spends 455 gems to complete him. This is probably the last time I will gem BK like this. I want to take advantage of the hog event, so will gem BK for now. After this, I will probably do the dreaded “sacrifice DE for elixir”, because I can. After maxing AQ and GW, efficient farming goes out of the window because anything I do will naturally gain the resources I need to keep builders and lab busy.



Another 8 weeks to go before BK is maxed, but he’s a non-issue. Main is in champs right now and I don’t even care if I have BK for raids. If AQ and GW are up, I’m more than ready to raid

Next plan is to do some short trap upgrades so bridge the next 4 day upgrade. After another 2 days, I will use this trap builder to upgrade my last gold storage. I am actually neglecting both the final gold storage and my siege workshop on this account, will have to be more responsible in upgrading these last few items.

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