Here’s the million dollar raid I did today:

This is the sort of loot you can find and expect in low champs, anywhere from M1 to Champs 3. If you ever think of storage raiding or if there is an event that provides a 90% discount to certain troops, M1 to champs 3 is where you want to be. Champs 2 has been disappointing and Champs 1 is worse. People are telling me titan has good loot, but these people also have non maxed heroes and neglected their wardens.

Some other good hits in low champs:


TH12 dead bases naturally float up to champs, so you can try farming here. If you have maxed heroes, you can even barch here for even better profit.


Even FWA bases can be found here. My hogs failed to clear out the defense region, so I used QW to kill the region. If I just focused on loot though, I could’ve gotten all the loot with just my goblins


Can’t find the original pic of the base, but above is the remnants of the base after I cleared it out


Dead bases are honestly everywhere, you don’t need patience to find them these days. 3 starred the base above


That concludes my attack log for today. I’m fully expecting my loot to drastically go down after the hog even ends. Bowitch costs a whopping 250k if I use elixir troops conservatively. Spells themselves cost 150k elixir, qw uses minimum 60k elixir. If you use some extra giants or have 5-7 healers, your bowitch can actually cost somewhere in the realm of 300k elixir


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