Another day of farming in Champs 1. Loot is quite bad here, I’m making less loot per day farming here compared to crystal and that is with my army costing nearly zero.

This is due to a multitude of reasons, one being poor base selection.

  • My attack log is attached below for your viewing. If I’m attacking for 700/600k per 40min, that is just barely better than attacking for 400/300k per 25min in crystal. With heroes up, I can actually farm dead bases in M2/3 and still do really well gaining 500/400k easily.
  • Reason #2 is that I have the false security of loot bonus and attack for lower which is a big no-no. Since I’m paying more to raid up here, it makes no sense for me to attack a base with 200/200k just for the bonus to make it 450/450k which makes my net income the same as just barching in crystal.
  • Reason #3 I’m not farming as much as I like is that I’m paying taxes after every 4-5 raids here. I’m maximising my raiding time and shield time so that I can actually raid 5-6 times before I need to pay my taxes. But losing 10-20% of my income to defenses isn’t really worthwhile when I’m only losing 5-10% of my income to defenses in low leagues. If I’m any less active than I am right now, I would actually only be able to raid 2-4 times per defense which really cuts deep into my income
  • Reason #4 is that if my heroes die, there goes my double raiding. Something I like to do is ignore the game for some time, open up and raid twice. This goes out of the window once heroes die. By then, it is really hard to risk the next attack to try gaining minimal extra loot. If just AQ or warden dies, it becomes really risky to do the next attack


Screenshot_20180728_191118This is the loot I’ve managed to raid in an entire day of farming. Quite pitiful really, and this is with 3 heroes active. M1 to champs 3 was really good though, anyone who wants to storage raid or use strong armies should stay there. You have the advantage of decent loot bonus (200/200k) and lots of good bases to raid for 600-800k each. If you at least maxed your AQ or GW, I would recommend trying it out.


At least I don’t need much loot to continue upgrading whatever that is left over. This is why I laugh so hard when people are claiming “good farming in high leagues because none of my builders are idle” when you do not need any form of good farming to keep builders going. Seriously, keeping builders busy is the minimum you need to do, not the end goal.

Many of these people also have a really weak warden because it is nearly impossible to farm in high leagues if all your troops lose 275 hp. A lvl20 warden buffing 30 hogs is an extra 8250 hp to your army. Sounds great right? But my lvl30 warden buffing 30 hogs is an extra 12750 hp! This is what people neglect when they have a lvl20 warden and refuse to upgrade him. Without that 8k hp clutch it is almost impossible to attack bases in high leagues because SC balanced defense around having the warden. Your TH14 offense without warden will be inadequate to crack TH12 bases because TH12 bases are balanced around that insane HP the warden provides.

To put things into perspective, hogs gain 330 hp when they are upgraded from lvl5 (TH9) to lvl8 (TH12). However, lvl5 hogs under a lvl30 warden gains 360 hp! Warden disproportionately buffs everything you have making troop upgrading nearly obsolete. Its nice to have extra hp and dps from upgrading troops, but warden improves on every single troop you have instead of individual troops. Lvl6 hogs will get the full benefit of warden, gaining 425 hp making them 590+425 = 1k hp monsters. A TH10 troop, with a lvl30 warden, has 25% more hp than the TH12 troop without warden. Insane.

Yet people in high leagues are neglecting their most important upgrade, that is the more insane thing.

Attack logs:


Example of a trap base that you should not attack in high leagues:


Ah, a TH10. Easy meat, yum! Not really. A lot of people will erroneously think “aha, I’ll easily get all the loot and the bonus will make this hit worthwhile”. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!

Let’s give the example as if I was in titans 3 (in reality my consideration was from a champs 2 standpoint which has lower bonus). Let’s also pretend that the hog event was not there and I was using bowitch, the standard DE army someone would use.

Bowitch costs 250k elixir and 4k DE. Since I don’t need DE anyway with maxed heroes, I would neglect the DE cost. Ah, 250k elixir cost only so the Titans bonus would pay my army and I would get 208k elixir as my gravy. Wait, are you seriously considering to attack a base just for 208k profit? Using a 45min army?! If I were using a 20min army, 200k profit isn’t that bad really. The funny thing is, I can get 200k profit with a 20min army easily if I was in crystal. Why would I go to high leagues and settle for the same amount?

Seriously though, low levels shouldn’t get protection when you are in high level zones. Above champs 3, loot penalty should be completely abolished so that it gives me another bone to be in high leagues. Its crazy that a TH10 can be in champs or titans, attack only TH10/11, earn huge bonus for that and still be protected against TH12 onslaught. Really, SC has done it perfectly in the builder base, why can’t they do it properly in the main base?

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