Ah, 5 days since the last update. And in the past 5 days I have pushed into titans and I want to ask, what is the hype in this place? Loot is shit and you need to next for 5-15min to find a good base. I definitely can earn about the same amount of loot compared to crystal, but I have maxed heroes and offense. If I was farming hard for heroes, it would be too tough to farm for anything else. I can see why people in high leagues must neglect heroes now because loot isn’t good enough to keep all 3 heroes upgrading in the first place.

Anyway, I upgraded a few traps and now started on 5 defense upgrades.



With everything taking 14 days except AT and cannons, no wonder people can claim bullshit like “I can keep all 5 builder busy, so loot must be good”. The joke here is that you only need to farm 4mil per day to keep all builders busy. 4mil/day!!! That is so low that even your collectors can give you 15% of your requirements. This is the joke and the lie that high league players are spreading. Since loot requirements are so low, you don’t even need to farm to keep builders busy.

Attack log:


Good loot? NOT! It takes me 5-15min on average to find such bases, even a toilet break isn’t enough time for me to raid twice. Whereas I can find a dead base quickly in 3-5min in low leagues and finish the raid in 1-2min. Now it takes me 5-15min to find a base then another 3min to raid. After that, have dead heroes and cannot raid anymore. The game is becoming a snore fest here.

My army takes 50 freaking minutes to train, 50! This means that I can barch twice in the same training time, each netting about 400/300k. Whereas I’m netting about 600/400k per raid in high leagues with all 3 heroes awake. I’m taking more effort to farm less loot. If I’m hitting hard bases and having a chance to fail, I definitely want to earn more than what I am doing in low leagues.

“Loot bonus pays for my army” is bull shit. If I had that mindset, all my raids would only net me 400/100k (if I am successful!) which is a terrible return. I can farm in M2-3 with barch, get 400/400k each and the loot bonus still pays for my army!

Don’t even get me started with village guard, this convoluted thing is strangling my life not allowing me to play whenever I want. That is even compounding on the fact that I can only raid once per hour. If I a ton of free time, training times and guard just chokes my freedom of playing.

Its actually not the guard that kills me, but what lies after the guard has ended. I’m leaking millions of loot just from defenses, something I don’t need to worry about in low leagues

Defense log:


I might sit out here for a while, but definitely M2-Ch3 are much better places to farm if I want to storage raid.

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