Farming in low champs definitely helps my sanity here. Loot is easy and minimal nexting to find a decent base. I still wouldn’t recommend anyone farming here unless you have maxed heroes. You can definitely farm here without heroes, but you will need to next to find easier bases.

Loot bonus here is just 100k lower than titans, but the pickings are so much juicier and so much easier to find. No more nexting 5-15min for a decent base, its 2-5min instead.




BK is going to lvl54 now, he will need another 7 weeks to mature. I don’t miss him at all, I honestly don’t feel his absence at all. I can’t even feel the difference without 7.3k hp. If someone had lvl30 heroes and 3.4k hp, the difference would be even smaller. Honestly BK is a joke, he’s nice to have but not really necessary. This is why heroes should have huge scaling. If heroes grew at 3% instead of 2.5%, BK would have around 10250 hp instead of 7300. He might become more impactful that way. Really, heroes need that sort of buff. The only hero that grows decently is warden, he should be the role model that AQ/BK emulates. Every 10 levels give 50% extra stats, that would really balance things out.



  1. Hey Sin! I had a few questions for you. I know that it has been a long time since you were at TH9 but my question is: How do I use GiBarch. You say that it is the best farming army, and I have been doing everything you have said in your guides, so why not try GiBarch. You don’t have to tell me the army comps or anything, but just how we use it. Is it like 1 or 2 giants, followed by a line of barch near all collectors, or you do a massive push on the side with the most loot/the side closest to a DE tank (if it has more than 2k). I just don’t understand how to use it! It probably isn’t any of those that I mentioned either. So please help me I am very clueless. Also, how much loot should I aim for and what league should I farm in?

    Secondly, what are some of the necessities or important things that I ensure I have before rushing to TH10? Are hero levels really important when I get to 15/20? Do I need to max all Barracks?

    That is it for the time being. If I think of anything else, I will ask you. Please return back to this site. You haven’t posted for so long and it makes me feel sad. Also, if you want to see my progress to help you answer my questions, please notify me and I will post the link of my website here! Thanks a lot mate and have fun~


  2. hey HSNA, since sin hasn’t been around, I figured I would talk strat with you! for a short while last year, I had a new series on this blog so I feel like a decent minion for sin.

    if memory serves correctly, sin recommends gibarch over normal barch at the higher town halls where you want to dive a bit deeper in spots. but overall i think he vastly prefers the efficiency of barch so i wouldn’t put too much time into worrying about the giants. my memory of his postings also don’t indicate that he used gibarch in different leagues or for different purposes.

    for moving to th10, i would get all offensive buildings maxed even barracks. the reason i suggest this (and i diverge a bit with sin on usage here) is that i think mass miners is the best farming start at th10 after the first week or two of barching. while it is definitely less efficient from the math standpoint, i like it more. it allows you to always be able to dive for dark elixir; you can still just snipe edge collectors using a limited amount of miners, you don’t have to be as picky on collector only bases allowing you to next less, you dont have to manage trophies as much because you rarely lose (unless sniping on purpose) so even though miners is more expensive i think its a better experience as its just easier. sin because of his time zone usually plays in the prime loot hours. so he jumps on and its like loot just gives itself to him! for me in the states, my prime play time in the day is the loot drought. so being more versatile is important to me.

    for hero levels, i wouldnt worry too much. th10 has super easy dark farming because of the extra drill. the dead bases with 4k dark are the norm. so any reasonable level will work.

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  3. Yeah, Sin generally uses Barch almost his whole journey for farming, occasionally using LaLoonion too. However, he mostly used GiBarch throughout TH9 (looking at his entries). He also says in his guide that it is his favourite strat for TH9.

    I am doing what you said in terms of maxing all barracks as mass miner was also what I used on my main account all those years back (3 or 4 years!) as loot is great and DE doesn’t suffer. However, I don’t know what else to max and what not. Since there are more things I should max than not, would you mind telling me what I shouldn’t max apart from defences and heroes?

    In terms of heroes, I first thought that 20/20 would be sufficient, but now I feel like rushing once I hit 15/15. What do you think? If my memory serves me right, I have 7/15 heroes (BK/AQ) right now, so only about 20 days to go if I start farming more…

    I wish Sin would make ANOTHER account and make journal entries for that, coz many things have changed since he was TH 7 or 8 or even 9!


    • Hmm, I have thought about making another account too, but I cannot ensure that I will have enough time to play for the next 12-18 months or so. I would hate to start an account and don’t have enough time to see the account to end game.

      Generally now I feel gibarch is a little less efficient for TH9 but I can’t quite be sure. TH9 doesn’t seem to have many 2700 DE dead bases unlike TH10s with a ton of 4050 DE dead bases

      I currently have a lot of free time actually, but that won’t be the case in like 2-3 months time. Currently just spending my extra time on youtube or netflix


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