After 3 hours of grinding, I finally reached TH3!

For TH3, its pretty simple, just drop all new stuff (2nd army camp and lab!) and upgrade storages like a madman. The town hall upgrade costs 25k gold and after you can afford it, you should upgrade to TH4 asap.


Finally with access to lab, I can upgrade barbs to lvl2. I miss how low level upgrades can increase the strength of troops by more than 30%, if they kept that up TH12 wouldn’t be as underpowered as now


Clan castle complete! Joined my FWA clan and started my upgrade to TH4. 16 hour long upgrade 😦 I would only reach TH4 about 24 hours after starting the game. No worries though, the 16 hours is almost enough to max out TH3


1 hour before TH4:


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