Arch lvl6 finished in lab, just started barbs lvl6. So now I have an excess of gold and DE with no elixir. Fortunately I have enough DE for the next AQ upgrade but she takes another 2 hours to complete. I just activated guard so that I can logoff safely and without fear of losing any loot.

AQ going to lvl10 now, quite happy with this milestone and it didn’t even take more than 10 days in TH9. Can’t wait till she’s lvl60 and I can finally use her. Most likely, I’ll get to use her a bit in TH10 or TH11 when I maxed her and want to catch up on other stuff

Next builder coming free in almost 2 days, yawn. I will need to farm another 37k DE to my next AQ level. Too easy


  1. How much dark elixir do you look for when looking for a base to raid? I’m in a similar trophy range and I can easily find a base with 400k+ each of gold and elixir but I’m struggling to get enough dark elixir to keep my queen upgrading.


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