Missed some more pictures, for my defense I went to Italy for a week vacation these few days. So taking pictures of the scenery was more important than taking pictures of my base

Despite being a TH9 for almost 2 weeks now, my storages are now just going to max. I really put them at a low priority but I have no choice, heroes and offense comes first. Storages are actually better defenses than defenses themselves because they allow you to spread around your loot so that it is harder to lose all your loot at once. This only applies at TH1-9, the increased storage at TH11/12 doesnt’ help protect your loot unfortunately.

Clan games also just finished so I’m claiming all the important loot. This was during the builder games and I chose some DE to help with the AQ grind. At TH10, I’m facing the opposite problem of having too much DE, but being a TH9 means I’m DE-starved. 

Even as a super rushed TH9, I’m protecting my DE without any issues. This is really great because DE is so much harder to farm as a TH9. The Crows is really one of the best bases in the this game and it really stands at the test of time, being a 4 year old base by now.

AQ going to lvl14 right now, both gold and elixir storages going to max soon. I’m upgrading barracks now otherwise I would miss out on troop events and I also want to unlock miners for TH10. Probably won’t unlock pekka in time for TH10 though :/

Hmm, 570 gems for 90 hours? Worth it?

Yup, spent 570 gems for 90 hours! That means I’m buying an hour of time using 6.3 gems, its actually very good value especially since 1 hour = 20 gems usually, 8 hours = 100 gems and 168 hours (1 week) = 1000 gems. That’s pretty good value considering the flexibility of builder potions.


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