Lab complete! First thing I do, upgrade barbs

Now, within the first few days of TH10, I have already completed my lab and barbs lvl7 as well. This I how I believe you should always use rune of elixir and book of fighting for. It would be better if I had a hammer, but as of yet, I haven’t joined any clan for CWL in this account.

I always think that one should upgrade barbs first, because their hp increase would indirectly increase the dps of arch and allow you to hit harder on dead bases. Arch only gains 2 dps which does nothing, whereas barbs can sometimes survive 1 extra hit allowing arch to do 20+ more dps because they can shoot one more time. Of course, it is best to have both done, but I always choose barbs first

Current base, all walls are black now, still waiting on spell factory and cc

Lvl8 walls: 38*(0.5+1+2) = 133mil

Lvl9 walls: 114*3 = 342mil

Lvl10 walls: 123*2 = 246mil

Total = 721mil to maxed walls

Let’s see how fast I can farm 721mil

Started my first army camp upgrade and drill going to lvl4 now. Thank god TH10 stuff are now faster, it used to take 10 days in TH10 just to get +5 space. Diminishing returns really hurt, TH12 also gains +5 space per camp but costs 50% as much and takes 2 weeks to complete. I hope TH13 army camps would be +10 space by then, otherwise these incremental upgrades just make higher TH progressively weaker


  1. Hey dusk, what level would you recommend getting your heroes to as a th9 before going to th10. While level 30 heroes would be nice, I feel like it is unfeasible given the amount of dark elixr that I currently make per raid.


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