Finally rearranged my base to the TH10 base, was missing the 2nd bomb tower previously but now that its done I can build the proper base. The TH10 version of the Crows is stronger, I love this base. Need to create a TH11 version soon.

Ugh, DE overflowing and AQ is still 15 hours away

Have 2 barracks upgrading now because training barch at 36min should slow down my DE farming which will hopefully stop me from overflowing so badly.

Guess its time to spend some gems

And this! Now I have a lvl26 AQ and need to farm 42k DE to upgrade the next AQ level. Its 11pm though, will sleep and farming the 42k early tomorrow morning

Book of heroes rarely can give out their full value because you cannot upgrade 2 levels of heroes consecutively. Even if you farm like a madman, you can only probably cut 6 days of hero upgrade time instead of 7 full days


  1. I never understood why the bomb tower is inside the core. It does minimal damage, can’t hit air, and has shit range. I get that the death bomb can kill a lot of troops, but other than that I feel like there wouldn’t even be a difference if it was replaced by a giant bomb (which is obviously a bad idea; I’m simply using it as a comparison to the bomb tower).

    I’m considering replacing the bomb tower with another defense. I feel like the bomb tower might actually be useful in the defensive ring because troops are guaranteed to run into the bomb.


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