Yes, my account is 3 months old by now. However I forgotten to take a picture of my base on this day, I do have 2 pictures but they aren’t really showing my base. Will post a nice picture tomorrow.

Got this picture, spent all my DE on BK and AQ so both of them are upgrading right now. BK to lvl15, AQ to lvl30. So actually one can max TH9 AQ within 3 months of starting the game. I wonder why many TH9s procrastinate and have low level heroes despite playing for 6-12 months!

This is why I post negative comments when people show off non-achievements, maxing TH9 heroes is not an achievement, maxing TH9/10 walls is not an achievement, maxing any TH1-10 is not an achievement. Despite that, we see people getting hundreds of upvotes by doing these baby steps and harming their overall progress.

A quick look at my magic item stash, I rarely if ever use any of these, including training potions. I don’t really need training potions yet I overflow my loot so easily. This is why I am not bothered at all by the trader cycle nerf, no daily training potion is fine with me anyway. Besides, the training potion only saves 5 gems because boosting barracks alone only costs 30 gems. Boosting spell factory or heroes is dumb because you shouldn’t need either for farming.

Long time fans/followers will know that I do not like to boost because it makes the game stressful and I get burnt out easily by boosting.

In the past, you used to be able to boost barracks individually. This allowed me to boost one barrack for 5 gems and almost double my farming speed. Barch 20min becomes 11-12min with just 5 gems, that was perfect for me and I used to boost like this a bunch. Now it costs 30 gems so it is a ripoff. Attacking once every 4-5min is exactly what causes burn out for me

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