Finally farmed enough DE to upgrade AQ

AQ maxed! She’s maxed! Now I can use her in every raid I do and she will help me get extra loot every raid with barch. She’s also almost 80% as strong as lvl60 AQ, that’s very strong and the small increases afterwards will not matter much anymore. The mistake many people do after maxing heroes is to use inefficient armies like QW barch and gain less loot overall.

Lots of white walls in the middle now and I have an active AQ. Life couldn’t be better as a TH11 now, I’m now in the comfort zone of TH11 and I probably should rush to TH12 asap to give myself stimulus to progress faster. Right now, I still have warden at lvl17 so I don’t really need to upgrade

Still upgrading trap and mortars because they are not discounted in the next update. As a result, I will have builders coming free very frequently and I will be able to upgrade many walls. Just look at my wall progress in the next 2 weeks

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