I must have done something wrong with my calculations because it is supposed to be day 181 now which is not possible if I have played the game for 6 months. I should be around 183 days but oh well. I will continue the day count as 181 today and 182 tomorrow

Starting the day by looking at my magical items, I have 2 book of heroes from the previous offer and I want to use them now, warden is the obvious choice here. And why do I want to use book of heroes so quickly?

This is why I need to use up all my books in order to gain the greatest benefit from this daily quest. I have not talked much about these daily quests but they are great! I was able to get a ton of magic items and lots of benefits for my rushed account. How should I go about it?

I almost deleted one of these pictures because I thought they were the same, but can you notice the difference?

Look at my elixir, one is full, one is not. I farmed till full elixir and used a book to skip 6 days of warden time, then immediately upgraded warden again, and used the second book. Now, I can claim the book of heroes reward

Claimed the book and my warden is lvl19 now. I just need to farm 10mil more elixir and he’s maxed! Sorry if my blog doesn’t make me sound excited but on that day, I was really hyped. This was almost 3 weeks ago and the excitement has wore off now

A quick look of my base, all drained of resources. AQ and warden no longer upgrading because they are maxed/nearly maxed. Only BK is upgrading right now and I will definitely overflow in DE because of that. Once DE overflows, life is going to suck because there is no real way for me to drain out my DE. I guess I will give back to the community once my DE is maxed and I only have one hero to upgrade

Last level of warden, still upgrading mortars and traps because the April update has not arrived and I’m only upgrading stuff which aren’t getting a discount. Still, this has allowed me to upgrade traps to a much higher level and that would contribute in my loot protection

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