Timely! Got to TH12 after playing the game for 200 days. Its not probably not exact as I might have made a few calculation mistakes but it should be close enough. I wonder if people can even reach mid-maxed TH9 as maxers in 200 days of starting the game, its probably impossible.

Finally, the last town hall. Its like reaching Everest’s base camp, the first real milestone but the climb is still grueling. Lots of upgrades remaining, time to start them

First two builders used to upgrade two heroes, I will neglect BK for now in order to max AQ much faster. I will then work on BK once I max AQ. This will result in overall slower hero progress but overall stronger progress which is more important to me.

Worked on two defenses because I want one short and one long upgrade. Can’t upgrade lab yet because there is an upgrade finishing in one day. I will upgrade lab tomorrow instead. For now, I will cycle one builder on short upgrades so that I can stop myself from overflowing. This is an intentional strategy to allow me to max walls faster as well

Not sure what the pic below is for but just want to note that within 10min, I have easily farmed 1mil/1mil/9k. It shows how good loot is in TH12 and I can actually average 1.5-2mil each per hour which is crazy

Magic items:

Just another quick look at the magic items I have available, 1 of each rune except DE, 1 book of building, 1 book of hero and 4 books of everything. I will just almost all my book of everything on heroes, depending on future circumstances

Done with my first tesla, now I’m upgrading another short upgrade

Hmm, I really want that 20% builder boost, it will give me a further discount on all my builders. I don’t want to spend 200 gems though, so I will need to earn another 80 points

Finally gotten enough points, time to buy the next upgrade

I literally had to complete every single available task to get this but it was well worth it, I now have a 20% discount on everything including hero upgrades for the next 18 days! I’m going to have so much fun doing this

One of the underappreciated upgrades in TH12, this allows me to store more DE. It used to be super important because I needed this to upgrade to lvl52 and above AQ. Now with the gold pass, I’m actually thinking to lower its importance.

One last end of the day look at my TH12 base on its first day. Prioritizing short upgrades so that I don’t overflow in loot and I can manage my loot pretty easily doing this

AQ nicely going to lvl51 now and my DE is almost enough for her next level! Just one (or actually half) short day of farming, I can almost fill up my DE and upgrade her. I will most probably try to finish her before the gold pass ends so that I can get the most discounts.

I actually have lots of attack log pictures but I will post them in another time and use those pictures to update my obsolete TH12 farming guide



  1. Hi! I was wondering which were the requirements prior to upgrading to TH12. In your case, with the max AQ & Warden + all the offensive buildings it makes a lot of sense to upgrade. In my case, I’ve got the Warden maxed next weeks + all the offensive, storages & collectors but my AQ is far behind (38). Should I wait until she’s maxed before upgrading ? Thanks again for sharing such an amazing content everyday!


    • If you want to go to TH12 now, there’s really no harm to do so. Maxed AQ is nice to have, but even lvl0 AQ is fine for farming. The consideration here is the reason of why you want to go to TH12 and that you can unlock lvl30 warden in TH12

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