Ah, finally from a 5 day vacation which was a great relief from work. Working a 70-80 hour work week is real crazy and I constantly still have work to do at home. Now hopefully I have recharged and can work harder as well as play harder.

Warden is only going to lvl23 right now which actually reminds me that I have only been a TH12 for less than 3 weeks. The progress I made is actually amazing in this light. Halfway done with AQ and few levels down in warden in about 20 days of TH12, crazy.

I also upgraded an xbow because it was 4 days long. I would get another builder in 12 hours’ time so I can use that builder to work on short upgrades. I could’ve done more important upgrades but unfortunately there are very few upgrades to be done for a new TH12



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