DE only at 126k right now, let’s see the effort it took me to bring me to this level

At least these raids show that miners can farm DE faster than barch but still haemorrhaging elixir. These raids show that I farmed 31k DE in about 1.25 hours but my elixir never went up. 31k/1.25h = ~25k/hour which is barely 25% better than barch. At such cost of elixir? Only if I am desperate. Thank god I don’t need to use this horrendous army after maxing AQ

I’m finally building my workshop so that I can donate siege machines.

This will allow me to get lvl59 AQ immediately once I get the proper amount of DE. I still have about 60k to go before I can upgrade her again, this is really a chore



  1. so do you ever plan to work on defenses? Whats the point of being a town hall 12 if most of the stuff in your base is sub th7, sans heroes and walls


    • The alternative is being a weak TH9 with weak defenses and weak offense. I need to pick and choose and I have chosen offense over defense. Defenses will only start being upgraded one all optimal options have been exhausted, that means collectors, barracks, traps before any real defensive upgrades. The only exception here is giga tesla which I’m focusing on right now


      • Hi Dusk
        I would love you to give the optimal options for defensive upgrades ! I know that you are prioritizing offense, collectors, … and that you are only upgrading defense for builder timing purpose but I’m kinda lost when it comes to what to upgrade first as defense as a TH11-TH12. When you say traps before defense, is that only for the “surprise effect” on the opponent or is there another reason behind it ?
        Thanks for sharing your journey with us !


      • Its mainly for the surprise effect. Intimidation is a huge negative because weaker attackers will skip your base, the key is to look weak while being strong. This is why traps are important. Lvl6 infernos can also deceive your enemy because they look like low leveled stuff. Lvl5 giga tesla is also good. Lvl3 eagle is bad while teslas are good


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