This is to showcase how TinySin did in CWL last month. 7 pictures of my base showing how many stars I dealt and how many I conceded:

Conceded only 17 stars despite having crap defenses, you guys should know how my defenses look like. I don’t even have maxed giga tesla at this point of time and yet I was able to stop 4 enemies from 3 starring me. Furthermore, 2 of my enemies used two attempts to 3 star me. This meant that it actually took 9 attacks to get 17 stars from me.

I was also able to dish out 17 stars (I’m at #7). This meant that my “rushed” offense wasn’t much a hindrance at all.

17-17, seems like my base contributed quite well to our CWL


Being second place in Crystal 3 meant that we got 209 medals and were promoted to Crystal 2. Because MiniSin and SinOfDusk did quite well, I told the clan to give TinySin the bonus medals instead of them. The clan happily gave me the medals. 274 medals in total which was worth 18 builder potions when I won them.

Of course now those builder potions have been nerfed…



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