I cheated.

Bought and used a hammer of heroes because builder potions would be useless after I maxed my AQ. Using builder potions to speed up mortars doesn’t seem too worth it so I’m basically using builder potions to speed up heroes only. I also have AQ at lvl64 already so skipping one level to get her maxed was really lucrative at the time.

Lvl maxed? Yes!

1 down, 3 to go. Many people just bought hammers and instantly completed her within the first minute of the update. At least I farmed 200k DE to max her out. This along with the cost of BK means that I have farmed about 350-400k DE at this point. All within the first 36 hours of the update, even with books and runes, that is a pretty good accomplishment. Far better than Galadon’s “maxing heroes without gems!” but actually just spamming magic items, dumb shit.

This is my next goal here, he’s going to lvl37 now and I only need another 30mil elixir to max him out. With no more gold pass rewards to help out, I will need to farm the 30mil legitly. That will take another half day or so

By spamming 10 builder potions last night, I need to farm enough DE to upgrade BK now. And this reminds me of another reason why I want to hammer my AQ, it was because I needed to upgrade BK so that I could complete heroes quicker. This would mean that I must neglect AQ while I upgrade BK. I would need to farm another 192k DE after upgrading BK to max out my AQ. I got impatient so I used the hammer.

30k DE in 3 hours, wow that’s slow. Probably because it was lunchtime (previous pic 12.30, this pic 15.30). I need another 36k DE to upgrade BK to lvl62, can’t slow down now!



Objectively, barch is better. But if I can find bases with easy loot that I don’t need to use my healers, the second army is better. Using less troops = less time + less elixir. If you don’t have maxed AQ, then the latter isn’t even a choice. My recommendation is, use barch when upgrading AQ and use QW+barch when AQ is maxed

Mixing attack logs from 2 different accounts, just to show how easy farming is despite the recent update.

Maxing AQ is nice because it basically ensures that win almost every raid I want to win at

Farmed enough DE to upgrade BK to lvl62. Now I need another 570k DE to max him, it would take another 2-5 days it seems

Warden is much closer to max and that’s why I changed my approach to focus more on DE to max BK quickly. I changed my army to QW barch to target more DE

And despite that I farmed enough elixir to upgrade another level of warden. I just need to farm another 9.6mil elixir and he’s done

Boosted builders for another 6 hours while I sleep overnight so that the gem costs will decrease when I wake up. Yeah, need to save up as many gems as possible for the next update.

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