I stayed up till 1.30am one night just because I grew addicted to single player. Since loot isn’t that good from 8pm to 3am, I elected to do single player instead so that I could continue playing and it lead me down a deep rabbit hole. I actually never played the new 50 single player maps because I wanted to do them whenever there is an update like this. They provide a ton of loot and I didn’t want to overflow while doing them. It was quite frustrating at some points but with a maxed AQ on tow, I was easily able to beat many of the maps to gain the DE and elixir I need for warden and BK

The second picture was taken with TinySin who has a lvl50 BK. I was playing it on all 3 accounts, so I didn’t need to wait for my army for a long time. Yeah, I think this can be called an addiction because I played till 1.30am

Another 10mil DE and yes! Maxed warden! He is the biggest change in this update. Compared to the 3% improvement in rage spell, he’s about 4 times stronger! Giving troops 11.7% improvement in health, amazing! (Not really) At least given that he has gained 20 levels over TH11, he does gain a noticeable increase in strength

He is strong, no doubt. The problem is that a TH12 has to grind all 20 levels to see an improvement in their army. A new TH12 will be barely stronger than a TH11, so what’s the point of upgrading their TH? I think that a new TH12 should gain strength in all their troops, maybe 10-20% even without upgrading them. This would give new TH12s incentive and strength to improve further. It makes no sense to grind 5 months just to be stronger than the level lower than you. The gap between TH levels is getting smaller and smaller, SC needs to rebalance this urgently.

BK only going to lvl63 now, I need to farm another 382k DE to max him out. This is the last stretch!

Lots of people are complaining about this, the 925 gem cost for the book of heroes. SC has confirmed that this is a bug. So many people rely way too much on books because they don’t know how to farm and war properly. If your hero levels are low, your job is to improve them. If you continue warring, you would just stunt your progress for no result. Wars can be done afterwards but retarding your progress is permanent.

Using AQ and warden, I was able to push all the way down and claimed all rewards from single player. I only had 218 stars because I actually missed a map which I went back afterwards to claim the rewards. I didn’t calculate it but I reckon I probably earned about 100k DE here which was a great boon to the grind.

Attack log:

I switched to miners after maxing warden because I didn’t need much elixir anymore and can now trade elixir for DE. But when you really look at my attack logs, you’ll realise that my DE gains are barely more than what I could farm using barch. Honestly, I don’t think this endeavor was worth it. I’m spending almost 300k per raid just to earn the same amount of DE. Just like how Voldemort put it “I’m doing great loot, but its just my usual loot”

And with that, at the end of the 3rd day I was able to farm another 190k DE and upgraded BK again. Now, I just need to farm the last 192k DE to max out BK. The farming continues…

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