Day 258

This final picture was taken before the war ended. I think we lost this war but I’m not too sure.

Yup, you’re seeing it right. I managed to score a perfect CWL season this month. After discussing with my clan, they felt that it would be better than I secure a 3 star against a weak TH12 or maxed TH12 than to hit up and risk getting less. As you can see in my pictures, my clan aren’t the best attackers so asking them to hit #6 won’t guarantee a 3 star. In fact, in regular wars, our strategy is to have my 3 accounts score 15-18 stars each war and let everyone else clean up.

My attack strategy is simply using electro loon with 8 maxed electro dragons, 8 maxed balloons, 4 lvl4 rage, 3 lvl1 freeze with clan castle stone slammer and 1 electro, 2 balloons with 1 rage

This allows me to crush early TH12 or new TH11 easily with my lvl30 warden. Sometimes my lvl60 AQ helps out but usually not really necessary. The warden is really key here because he boosts balloons to crazy health and has the 6 second invincibility.

Funny thing here is I was only 3 starred three times in the entire season and only conceding a total of 12 stars. Accounting for some missed attacks, I was 3 starred 60% of the time and and only conceded 80% of available stars (12 out of 15). This shows how good rushing is and how little defenses actually matter in CWL. As long as you can dish out more than you receive, or breakeven; there isn’t a reason to upgrade defenses. Having strong offense means that you can get more stars overall because getting stars is up to you, the player. Having strong defenses still depend on your enemy. My enemies are maxed TH11 or new TH12, did upgrading defenses help them at all? Nope. Defense is passive, the only thing you can really control is offense.

Started another level of BK here, with almost enough DE for his next level. Going to kick my farming into high gear after AQ lvl65 is released

Upgraded some defenses here as well. My traps are not maxed yet and I’m not too sure when I will focus on and max them out. Their timing is so odd that it is hard to squeeze them in between other upgrades.

Not many decent packs here. These usual packs are not worth it unless you really need that book. Book of fighting costs $3 which can be worth it because it can save 1800 gems which normally cost about $15. If you really want to complete a lab upgrade, it seems worth it


  1. Hi Dusk, I am a big fan of your projects on this website. I’ve been following your rushing guides and I am currently at TH7 . However since I am a new player, I was wondering if it’d be a good decision to continue rushing or just take more time to become more familiar with the strategies and knowledge of the game, as well as having fun in the meantime trying out different comps. I realize that I am new to the game (tho it’s not my first time playing coc), but I know that I want to become a good war player and help out my clanmates as best as I can.

    It’d make my day if you could share some of your experience to help me out. Thanks!


    • Its still better to rush because many things you learn in lower levels become obsolete in high levels. Even worse, sometimes if you are used to something in lower levels, it may even harm you when you are using the same strat in higher levels because there are way more moving parts and your timing may be off.

      Imo, many people overstay low levels and say high levels are hard because they need to unlearn and relearn many things. Sometimes it can be even faster for me to train a high level newb than to untrain and retrain a low level pro who turned high level


      • I agree with what you’ve said above, and tbh I didn’t have any plans to stay long in lower THs in the first place. In fact I’ve already reached TH8 and plan on going to TH9 in the next day or so, since I’ve already maxed barch and completed the other other minimum upgrades listed in your guide. However, I think TH10 could be a good place for me to stop and try maxing as the loot is pretty good and I can already start upgrading and practicing with end-game comps like bowitch. Would you say it’d be a good idea for me to rush to TH12 as a new player?

        On a side note, would it be feasible for me to join your clan? Artanis is my IGN and I added you as friend in-game a couple days ago.


      • I would say to stay in TH10 for maybe 2-3 months, after that its not worth it anymore. Grand warden is the strongest hero in the entire game and you would want a lvl40 one


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