Day 273

Wow, can’t believe and I’m 9 months in this picture already. My walls were almost maxed already. I also have maxed AQ and almost done with warden. I know I would still get crucified by reddit because of my defenses but we all know that my defenses are adequate to protect loot.

These 9 months have seriously been fun. I love grinding alts like this because it is always faster and faster. This has been the 3rd alt that I have grind like this and this time it is on track to be maxed within 18 months. Believe it or not, my current base is halfway done now. Putting my data in a tracker, I am current on track to max out in 18 months. I believe anyone who started around this time can complete it as well, unless TH13 is released to ruin things.

Even if TH13 was released, you should be able to finish grinding within about 2 years of starting the game which is still pretty fast. Imagine the horror when I hear maxers staying in TH9 for 6 months and TH10 for 9.

One of the funniest things was the April 2019 update where SC reduced upgrade times for almost everything, yet did not reduce the time it took for maxers because they barely reduced the bottlenecks in various TH levels. This is why maxers always ask for boosts in lab, rather than rushing their lab. This was probably the main reason why SC introduced the useless research potion, to placate the players by releasing a piece of crap.

BK going to lvl51 now. Just another 15 levels to go! My DE will become useless once he’s maxed. I will most likely max walls before I max him, so after my elixir and gold become useless, I will need to spend another 1-2 months just to farm DE. With overflowing storages, my motivation to farm for BK will undoubtedly decrease but I will just need to push through until he is maxed


  1. Hey Sin! I am about to head to th12 with queen at 50 and warden at 20. Out of curiosity, which of the two do you believe should gain the priority when it comes to hero books? Rush queen to 65, or boost warden since he has a handful of more levels? I appreciate the input.


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