Just want to show my CWL progress this season. Me and my team did really well this season.

In total, I perfected this season with 21 stars. Most of my enemies were maxed TH11/low TH12. Being offensively strong here is really important because the stars you gain depend on your own effort and skill. Whether or not defenses pay off will depend more on your enemy. Despite really weak defenses and mostly dips, I was only tripled once in this entire season. It was mostly TH12 that attacked me, yet they fail to 3 star.

Result: earned 21 stars, lost 15 stars, net +6 stars

Base design:


Feel free to make your own changes and tell me about the changes.

Received 239 medals this season. The only worthwhile thing to buy in the league shop is hammer of fighting. To maximize the hammer’s value, I need to do a TH12 upgrade which costs 14 days. I don’t have any such upgrade this month so I didn’t buy a hammer.

Being the top performer in this CWL, I was automatically given the extra 50 medals. SinOfDusk and MiniSin both forfeited the medals because they are maxed already. This allowed the medals to be given to lower bases for them to progress faster.

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