Last wall being upgraded. Today, I max my walls

You know, someone with a picture like this and TH9 defenses got some burn in reddit. I wonder what will happen if I post this in reddit. We’ll know later today.

I just started 9.5 months ago and now I maxed my walls. While it is a good accomplishment, it means that I will not be able to farm much anymore and will constantly overflow with loot. Currently I just got my July season bank rewards and my loot is stuck at 36mil/36mil without any means for me to spend it. The first two weeks of every season will be very boring in the future with overflowing loot like this

After upgrading pekka to lvl2, I decided to max out freeze spell instead because it is more useful for all attacks. At least it is only a small 2-3 day mistake so it isn’t a big deal. Not sure if I want to max out pekka or hogs next, but I think I want to upgrade ice golem before either. My ice golems are too weak and they die before they can freeze anything useful.

This means that it will most likely compete with the final few levels of BK upgrades. With overflowing gold and elixir from the season bank, I will need to raid purely for DE just to upgrade both ice golem and BK. Its going to be 2-3 hard weeks of pure DE farming

My base is comparatively more boring here, nothing much to show except for the full electric walls. Lvl11 walls used to be called zaps because of their electric appearance, more so than the current lvl13 walls. They were removed mainly because they were quite ugly with TH10 defenses, hence the change to the lava theme we have now.

BK going to lvl56 now. I am upgrading defenses heavily here, hopefully they would be useful in this current CWL


  1. Hi sin, i have been following your journey for a long time and i am a rusher to. I would like to ask you when you think i am ready for th12? This is my base, i have wallbreakers going to 7 in the lab and my queen is upgrading atm and i have two DE runes to upgrade her again right away. Thanks in advance


    • For you, the advantage of going to TH12 would be small right now. Unfortunately TH12 doesn’t gain much over TH11. The biggest advantage seems to be CWL performance but I’m not sure if you do a lot of wars. You can definitely start the upgrade now if you really want to

      For you in the long run, it really doesn’t matter whether you upgrade now or next month.


  2. Same situation as dude above. Wondering when to go th12. Heroes are 44/47/14 and have been sleeping the whole time. Walls are 185 lvl 12. As the queen comes up to 48 I’m starting to wonder if I should just go to 12 so I can keep her asleep instead of staying at 11 to complete more warden/bk/walls. Hitting TH12 will also line up with the back half of the month where I’ll have 20% perks from gold pass and the bank.

    Am I overthinking this? Should I wait until warden 20 or just go now?


    • Actually doesn’t matter whether you upgrade now or next month. Upgrading now won’t harm you, not upgrading now won’t harm you either. You can start upgrading your TH and let it complete close to season bank payout to get a huge headstart.

      Pros of upgrading this month: 17 builder potions, immediate access to 20% discount, free runes to use, stronger CWL next season

      Pros of upgrading next month: season bank payout,

      As you seem to be a good farmer, I doubt you would find TH12 to be a problem. I began the post being center about the question, but now listing the pros and the expected timeline, it seems like upgrading now would be the better course.


    • Answered:

      “Just rush ahead to TH9 then TH10 (spend 2-4 weeks in TH9). You have plenty of time in TH11 to catch up on all vital troops. Giants are no longer good investments to upgrade now.”


  3. Hey Dusk,

    I was wondering whether I should upgrade to TH11 as all barracks, dark barracks, etc are maxed out and collectors also all maxed。 Is it time?


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