7 wars:

Total: 18 stars obtained, 13 stars conceded (+5 stars)

Won 3, lost 4

I got a 1 star this time because I used electro on an anti-electro base. Could’ve gotten 19-20 stars if I used a power potion and properly attack the base. Unfortunately my clan members are usually much weaker attackers so we didn’t do better, just look at all the 0 and 1 stars.

We only got 5th this time which is still quite good because we were just promoted to C1 this season. We went from C3 about 3 months ago and pushed 2 leagues so quickly. This is because players in my clan upgraded quickly to TH12. We used to have only 2 TH12 about 5 months ago and today we have 8 for CWL. Despite not having much skill, we were able to get higher leagues because we progressed.

I still hit my mirror and got a fair amount of stars. Now that I have maxed ice golems and will have maxed pekka during the next season, I hope that I can get more stars against enemy TH12s. Ignore that Jack guy because he hit down to the easiest available base after 20h in war. Its not a bad strategy, just that it skews his star count. It is actually quite good for us because it allows us to get more stars since our TH10 and TH11 cannot 3 star our enemies. Currently it seems a little demoralizing for me to ask a casual clan’s TH10/11 to 2 star enemy TH12s, so we just hit mirrors.

75 additional medals, brings my total up to 329 medals which is equal to 11 builder potions or 2.7 hammers. I’m leaning towards buying hamemr of building right now so that I can bring myself to maxed defenses sooner. If I buy hammer of fighting, it wouldn’t really decrease much because my lab still has 19 months to go. Furthermore my key troops will almost be maxed in about 2 months so having the hammer won’t help much until SC changes the meta.

My clan ignores SinOfDusk and MiniSin for bonus medal rewards because they are maxed already and do not need the extra medals. They just take the 200-250 medals/season and pocket them. Currently they have almost 2k medals sitting there waiting for TH13.


I’m still using the same base as last few months. Seems like nobody knows how to break this base. The 3 star was due to a lucky electro attack which will falter once I upgrade a few more AD levels

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