They don’t have a common theme so I’m just going to name the title using the four packs and that might help with the google search algorithm. Time to analyze these new packs. This post will replace today’s journal entry so stay tuned for TinySin’s progress tomorrow.

In short, only the middle two packs are anywhere decent, but far from being good at all. If you are short on money, don’t buy any of the packs. Let’s analyze the packs from left to right as usual.

The Battle Boost is basically $2 for 40k DE. If you are desperate for DE, you may want to buy it. If you are a good farmer, this is a waste of money.
Verdict: pass

Spelling champ. This is probably the best pack out of the 4. Its a book for $3 and it gives 3 free training potions. Given that $3 can usually buy around 300 gems and a book of spells can skip up to 11.5 days (1500 gems), it is a fair 5x value if you use it optimally. Unfortunately, there are only few such upgrades and most spells are much faster to complete. If you are below TH11, this pack will be worth less.
Verdict: ok

Brawl brew gives one book of fighting and free 2.5mil elixir for $5. The book can skip up to 14 days in your lab (1860 gems) which normally costs ~$15. This can be worth it for TH11/12 but I’ve seen much better packs being offered in other times. Unless you really really need a book of fighting, it isn’t worth it
Verdict: mediocre

Intense fence is probably the most overpriced of them all. It is selling one book for $10 which is a bad deal. Some of its value comes from the wall rings but they are just easily farmable loot. I probably wouldn’t even consider this.
Verdict: pass

As I post this, I realise that the packs are going to expire in minutes. /facepalm. This is probably just a flash deal for people which lasts only a single day. Fortunately none of them are good so you are not missing out. Unfortunately people may not have read my review and might have wasted money here. I’ll try to get these types of posts up asap in the future.


  1. I’m upgrading to th10 atm, yet I am so low trophies. how do u go up introphies while batching, because I’m having to use laloon more than I would like to not drop into silver. and what league is good for th 10 De farming


  2. Hi Sin, I love following these guides. Now my clan is happier with most of us at th11/12 and a few 10.

    Much better than completely maxing every TH, especially Th9. 374-115-5 is our record and I’m happy with it.

    We had a few rush to 12 for cwl with max th10 defenses and strong heros instead of maxing th11. Works like a charm as the lower attackers (usually lower or mid th11) in enemy hit it, thinking it would be easy even with a max giga 5 lol. Plenty of low % 2stars and 1stars. In rrturn, we get to enjoy max edrag/bowitch/pekkabobat hits on Th12 and below (even max 12s!). This is in M2 15 cwl by the way. What do ya think of the impact strategic rushing has on CWL?

    By the way, can I make a request? I think you might overlooked it, but it would definitely help a TON of players, regardless of rushed/max/low trophies etc…

    Can you evaluate troop events going forward and give your opinion/verdict on whether you recommend to do/pass the troop event? Something similar to what you doing now with reviewing buying packs. Also, can you post a recommended army that doesn’t rely too much on heros to complete the troop event? Currently stuck on the 14 wiz one as they are just trash and outclassed by everything


    • Great to hear! Its great to see people finally rushing and see the results. CWL was really a step in the right direction. SC seems to be buffing rushers more and more to break the maxer mantra. Let’s see what maxers do in the future when they playstyle gets utterly destroyed.

      Alright, I used to do such event discussions in the past. Let me write them again. Unfortunately for wizards, you have to just drop some barbs and arch in your barch army to bring wizards.

      I’m using bowitch and I dropped all my witches plus two bowlers to accommodate all the stupid wizards.


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