Super late analysis here, I hate that these packs only last one day but it is clear why. SC wants people to feel that they missed out if they don’t buy the packs. If you make a 3 day pack, people would overanalyse the packs then choose not the buy it.

Tl;dr: the best pack out of the 4 is actually the 4th one on the right costing $10.

The first pack is the worst one out of the bunch. $2 for just a builder potion? Nope. You can normally buy about 200 gems with $2. One builder potions normally costs 285 gems
Verdict: pass

The second pack is probably the second worst because 3 builder potions for $3 seems like a ripoff. Can people in other regions tell me how much it costs because I’m just converting it based on the price it displays. RM12.9/4 = $3. Three builder potions can only reduce 135 hours for your builders or 162 if you have OTTO unlocked. This is barely half a book of buildings which can reduce the building time by 268.8 to 336 hours. I would say skip this.
Verdict: pass

The third pack here has a book of building for $5, which is a terrible deal. Resource potions don’t make this pack shine as well. At least this is more worth it than the second pack above. You are essentially paying $5 for 336 hours of progress here. $5 can normally buy 500 gems and given that book of buildings cost 925 gems from the trader, this pack is just a 50% discount.
Verdict: pass

The final pack here is probably the best one because it has 2 book of heroes with a book of spells. 3 books for $10 makes it $3.33/book which is a fair value. Do note that book of heroes are usually considered cheaper and inferior to other books because they can only skip 7 days of builder time instead of 14 days. For those who want heroes completed asap or want to war, this is a fantastic offer. Book of spells is also considered a “knock-off” book because it can only reduce lab time by 11.5 days instead of 14 using other books. All in all, I would say this is the most worthwhile pack out of the 4. It also has 5 training potions which make it awesome.
Verdict: best out of the 4 (above average)

I personally won’t buy any of these because I can’t upgrade any of my main base heroes and my BM is nearly maxed as well. Book of buildings is useful for me to gear up my mortar but I have saved 900 gems to buy it off the trader. Using book of buildings to skip some 14 day TH12 defense isn’t very appealing to me because I still think they are doing more harm than good.

Also, with this post, I will delay my usual journal entry to tomorrow so that I can spread out my workload as life is getting crazy again.


  1. Hey SoD,

    Thank you for your thoughts. I bought the 4th pack with 2 books of hero already. I am living in Germany and the 2nd pack is currently 3.49 euro.



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