This pack seems to recur every time the season pass is about to expire. Most probably for players to instantly spend their season bank loot, for a price of course.

Tl;dr: only resource relief is terrible. Tower of power and fighting spirit are probably the best ones.

Resource Relief: This is just a builder potion for $2. Given that a good pack should have one BOOK for $2, a builder potion for the same price is a bad bad deal. 2.2mil gold/elixir is also just 1-2 hours of casual farming so its nothing to write home about
Verdict: terrible, pass.

Learn and Live: This pack is a book of building for $3.50 which is a decent buy. There are also free resource potions which are 20 gems to me. For those still working on heroes, one resource potion can amount to 8.6k DE which is not good as well. If you want a book of building, this is an ok pack.
Verdict: decent, borderline.

Fighting Spirit: Two book for $5 which means each book is worth $2.50. This is the best value out of all packs in this offering. Lab is one of the main bottlenecks for all players so having one troop and one spell complete, skipping 25 days of lab time is really worth it.
Verdict: good, especially if working on troops

Tower of Power: two books of everything and one book of building. This probably ties with the above pack because you can use the book of everything for any upgrade. The flexibility it gives is worth the slightly higher price tag at $3.33 per book. You can use the books for heroes or lab upgrades which makes it quite good.
Verdict: good for the extra flexibility

I would recommend only choosing one of the packs unless you really have the extra cash. If you are tight on money, skipping the packs aren’t a big deal. If you only have money for one pack, I would say you should save up for the season pass instead of these. I bought tower of power this month because I need to finish my builders asap.


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