Rushing a TH12 account is crucial because only TH12 can donate and give siege machines. With proper troop upgrades, you can donate a lot of high level troops as well. Making an account like this is highly advantageous for the clan and you have a second account to donate to yourself directly as well, making it very convenient to farm and defend using cc troops.

Not only that, rushing a high level account like this would be highly advantageous to your CWL efforts of your clan. If your clan has 15 players and no TH12, getting everyone to make a TH12 donation account would easily push you to Crystal 1-2 within 2-4 months, using your 15 rushed TH12 accounts, compared to remaining in Gold league if you don’t have any TH12. Also, an account like this is easier to make than my suggested guides and infinitely easier than making a maxer account because you are skipping much more than what I usually prescribe. An account created this way can still max out TH12 within 18 months of starting, so there’s no downside to creating this account.

While my actual advice is to rush your current TH9-11 main account to TH12 and play from there. There is no disadvantage to doing so, but it seems like most maxers are squeamish when you ask them to rush their main account so that’s why this guide is written to begin with. After playing with this rushed account for a while, you may even make this your main account instead of your original maxer “main” account because of the crazy progression speed and power you gain.

The first thing to understand about rushing is: offense > resources > defense. Upgrade offense first because it generates loot, then focus on resources because they produce loot daily without any input from you. Finally, work on defenses because they are nothing more than decoration. For each TH level, focus on offense and building all new buildings then upgrade your TH. Doing so would allow you to become a TH12 within 2-3 months of starting the game. I would highlight what is the most important thing to upgrade and make the entire process painless. Furthermore, this account would be excellent in CWL and hopefully you would see that rushing doesn’t hurt. This would get you to rush your main account as well so that you can contribute more to your clan and make yourself stronger while keeping the game fun.

First things first when you start, I highly recommend buying the first two builder packs which allow you to have 4 builders right off the bat and 100 gems away from number 5. This would greatly hasten your journey and allow you to progress very quickly.

I also recommend you to buy the season pass at TH7 so that you can cut down the time it takes to reach TH12. Even if you take the longer routes I recommend, it would only take you 2 months to reach TH12 if you buy the season pass.

For the TH1-8 sections of the game, it would be highly similar to my written guides before, so please do read them:

TH2-4 guide

TH5-6 guide

TH7-8 guide

With 5 builders, it would only take you 2-3 weeks to reach TH9 which is great. This puts you on track to be a TH12 in another 2-3 months or so. Following my guide, you would have 200 army camp space, lvl5 barch, TH8 lab, spell factory and clan castle. You should also focus your efforts on only one barracks, making it higher level than the others so that you can train and upgrade high tier troops.

The only deviation from the guides above might be to skip out on dark elixir drills at TH7-8 because their return of investment isn’t that great on a donation account like this. Its optional and up to you whether you want to upgrade your DE drill.

Now, on to TH9 and beyond. The main change here is that you will not focus much on heroes from here on out. Sure, you will upgrade heroes if you have the spare DE, but its not like my TH9-12 guides where I keep telling you to upgrade heroes again and again.

TH9 upgrade priority guide:

For TH9, I still think that you should upgrade your AQ a little bit because you have 5 builders anyway. You must have at least lvl1 AQ before you got to TH10, so keeping one builder to get her to lvl5 isn’t a bad investment. My main guide would get you to TH10 in about 2-4 weeks, this list below would get you there in about 8 days.

  1. AQ lvl1-3 (1 day) > xbow (3 days) > army camp (2 days) > army camp (2 days)
  2. Lab (2 days) > town hall 10 (6 days)
  3. Spell factory (3.5 days) > AQ lvl4-5 (2 days) > elixir storage to max (2.25 days)
  4. New buildings (12 hours) > air sweeper (8 hours) > xbow (3 days) > gold storage to max (2.25 days) > DE storage lvl5 (2 days)
  5. Clan castle (2 days) > army camp (2 days) > army camp (2 days) > optional
  6. Lab: barbs (4 days) > arch (4 days) > upgrade lab while archers are cooking

*New buildings are: New walls, archer tower, mortar, wizard tower, air defense, hidden tesla, lvl1 gold and elixir storage, lvl1-2 gold and elixir collector, new bomb, giant bomb and seeking air mine. It does not include your new air sweepers and new xbows.

Optional upgrades include: (make sure to have this builder free for TH10)

  • Dark elixir drill. Upgrade these evenly as the return of investment is better for lower level drills (meaning upgrade all drills to lvl2 before upgrading one to lvl3)
  • Barracks. Only focus on your highest level barracks, the remaining barracks can be lvl2-4 and it won’t matter. Doing so allows you to unlock high tier troops to upgrade and allows you to war effectively in TH10-12.
  • Archer queen.

At TH9, I recommend saving your books for TH11 unless you have too many. If you must spend one to avoid wastage, you can use book of fighting for barb/arch or book of buildings on your highest level barracks.

For TH9-12 base design, just use the Crows. You can copy my base design (manually) by looking at the base I was using. Read my journals for the base design

TH10 upgrade priority upgrade:

TH10 is a good place to stay for about a month if you wish to. If you are in desperate need of a TH12 for donation, or if you have good gold pass timing; then you may just stay here for 2 weeks. As your upgrade time increases, it is a good idea to stay a little while to work on offense and resource generation.

(rush to TH11 asap)

  1. Lab (3 days) > inferno tower (4.5 days) > army camp (4 days) > optional
  2. Clan castle (6 days) > army camp (4 days) > optional
  3. All new buildings* (1 hour) > spell factory (6 days) > optional
  4. DE drill (8 hours) > bomb tower (1 day) > xbow (3 days) > town hall 11 (10 days)
  5. Inferno tower (4.5 days) > army camp (4 days) > army camp (4 days) > optional
  6. Lab: barb lvl7 (5 days) > arch lvl7 (5 days) > wall-breaker to lvl6 (5-12 days)

*New buildings here include: new walls, new cannon, archer tower, new air bomb, new giant bomb, seeking air mine and skeleton trap. It does not include the new bomb tower, new xbow and new inferno tower.

Once you’re done with all key upgrades, you can work on your optional upgrades, these include:

  • Dark elixir drill, upgrade evenly
  • Barracks, focus on your highest level barracks to unlock miners
  • Dark barracks, same as regular barracks. Focus on one of these.
  • Dark spell factory
  • Dark elixir storage.
  • Archer queen
  • Barbarian king

One-month TH10 plan:

Following this path, it would be very similar to my main TH10 guide. The main difference here is that you will focus a little more on AQ so that you don’t need to worry about her until TH12. Having a lvl5 AQ doesn’t hurt either way, but the extra barracks, dark barracks and dark spell factory upgrades are helpful when you are a TH11/12.

This path doesn’t have to be one-month, you can cut it short to 3-4 weeks and upgrade whenever you feel ready or about 10 days before season bank rewards are dispersed.

  1. Archer queen. You probably can get her to lvl15-20 in this time frame
  2. Lab (3 days) > inferno (4.5 days) > army camp (4 days) > army camp (4 days) > bomb tower (1 day) > dark spell factory to lvl5 > optional
  3. Clan castle (6 days) > army camp (4 days) > army camp (4 days) > dark barracks to lvl7 > optional
  4. All new buildings (1 hour) > Spell factory (6 days) > xbow (3 days) > barracks to lvl12 > optional
  5. New DE drill (8 hours) > DE drills as high as possible (40+ days). You’ll probably not finish this upgrade unless you use your other builders to help out.
  6. Lab: Barb (5 days) > arch (5 days) > wall-breaker to lvl6 (5-12 days) > balloon as high as possible

Going this route, you can plan it such that you upgrade your town hall on the 22nd or 23rd of any month if you have the gold pass. Your town hall will need 8 days to complete, which coincides with the 1st of next month. This allows you to bring 25/25mil from the season bank rewards to help you with the TH11 upgrades. You can also start your TH upgrade on the last day of the season, then use a book of skip the 8 day waiting time and get the 25/25mil the same way.

You can do it without the gold pass as well, while 5/5mil isn’t as impactful, it is still helpful.

TH11 upgrade priority guide:

TH11 introduces the warden. In my long guide, you would stay in TH11 for 3 months to max out warden because TH12 is so weak that rushing there asap isn’t advantageous. However, being a TH12 is paramount for a donation account so you don’t need to max him for now and slowly work on him at TH12. The good thing is that you will unlock your war army at this level and it does not rely much on warden so you can be 80% functional with no heroes in war and CWL.

As with the main guide, the first day of TH11 will be the most painful because of the 20mil elixir requirement, but it gets much easier from there. Maxing TH10 wouldn’t make it any easier and wouldn’t prepare you for anything here because all of these are new TH11 upgrades. If you really cannot afford the upgrades, skip warden for now and focus on other things. You will lose a few warden levels but that’s fine in the grand scheme of things.

Army camps are optional in TH11 because barch and warden are much more impactful and cost less. I would recommend using one builder (#2 recommended here) to upgrade your barracks to lvl13 so that you unlock electro dragons. If you manage to get some power potions, you can use electro drag to 2-3 star TH11/12 enemies in CWL. If your clan really needs you to step up for CWL, this is a good option. I would generally recommend saving up power potions and start doing CWL in your 3rd or 4th month.

  1. Grand warden always upgrading
    • He costs 8.5mil to buy and upgrade to lvl2, then another 3mil in another 12 hours. This will cost a ton but he gets much easier afterwards.
  2. Lab lvl9 (6 days) > Barracks lvl13 (8 days) > optional
  3. Clan castle (10 days) > Army camp (10 days)/ optional
  4. New buildings (3-6 hours) > Gold storage (3 days) > gold storage (3 days) > town hall lvl12 (14 days)
  5. New xbow (3days) or Archer queen > Eagle artillery (7 days) > optional
  6. Lab: Barb lvl8 (8 days) > Archers (8 days) > wall-breaker/balloons

New buildings include: new walls, new cannon, new archer tower and new wizard tower. If you have extra gold ready, build the new tornado trap before the wizard tower, otherwise do it afterwards.

If you want to stay at TH11 for longer, just go through the optional list below. You should upgrade to TH12 when this list is exhausted.

Optional upgrades:

  1. Army camps
  2. Elixir storage
  3. Gold storage
  4. DE drills
  5. Dark barracks
  6. Barracks
  7. Tornado trap lvl2

Following this recommendation, you will reach TH12 after just 20 days. This allows you to have a lvl10 warden which is decent. You can choose to skip him for now and at TH12 until you max out your army camps.

TH12 upgrade priority guide:

Finally, this is the final level you can rush to and your destination for now. Once you reach here, you will want to build your siege workshop asap because that is the entire point of this account. For my full TH12 guide, I don’t recommend building it so early because it isn’t a good upgrade for yourself, rather it is an upgrade for your clan.

Lab is prioritized a little later because you cannot improve your farming by upgrading lab for now. Giga tesla is a highly valuable upgrade because it can stop most TH11 attempts on your base in CWL. Lvl5 giga tesla requires 12mil gold which might take a few gold storage upgrades or the gold pass discount. If you can afford that, you can also afford the clan castle upgrade which costs the same.

  1. Siege workshop lvl1 (6 days) > workshop lvl2 (8 days) > workshop lvl3 (10 days)
  2. Giga tesla lvl2-5 (you might need to do some gold storage upgrades before you can afford the last two upgrades) > Clan castle
  3. Grand warden to lvl10 if you have not done so > Barracks to lvl13 if you have not done so > Dark barracks to lvl8 if you have not done so > open-ended
  4. Gold storage (3 days) > lab (8 days) > open-ended
  5. Elixir storage (3 days) > Elixir storage (3 days)
  6. Lab (not upgraded): Electro lvl2 > balloons to lvl7 > wall-breakers to lvl7 > upgrade lab
  7. Lab (lvl 10): Electro to lvl3 > balloons to lvl8 > wall-breakers to lvl8 > open-ended

Important open-ended upgrades:

  1. Army camps
  2. Gold storage
  3. Elixir storage
  4. DE drills
  5. Gold and elixir collectors
  6. DE storage
  7. Barracks
  8. Dark barracks
  9. Archer queen
  10. Grand warden

Open-ended troop upgrades: This will depend on what you need for donations. Upgrade wall-wrecker and stone slammer if your clan is not lvl10. Ice golem and pekkas are good troops to upgrade so that you can donate them and they are really good war troops as well. For war efforts, you can upgrade rage and freeze spells to max for your electro drag attacks.

TH12 is really easy because you have reached your end goal. Afterwards, keep working on offense, heroes and resources then finally spend one year on defenses and you’ll be a maxed TH12. If you have the gold pass and diligent upgrading practices, you can max out this account in 15-18 months of starting it. Make sure you play the builder base as well so that you can unlock the OTTO builder as well.

To supplement this guide, you might want to read my guide on “How to fix a rushed base” so that you have a guideline on what to focus on from this point on and how to max out your base in less than 18 months. And in fact, once you’re done with most of the open-ended upgrades above, you can also just skip ahead and read my TH12 guide as well.


  1. Do you recommend any leagues for TH 10 and above to stay in?

    Many told me crystal but with barch I struggle getting trophies, so I’m in low gold.


  2. Hey, Its me again, I have been following your guide but i cant really barch so i made this army:
    73 archers 2 pekka 1 edrag 5 bowlers 1 wall wrecker(optional) and 8 wizards. I have made some notable progress. I was wondering if I should max pekkas for my yeti smash and pekka smash for war and cwl.
    They’re at Th 10 level rn. All the other troops are basically th 9 lev.(I rushed from th9 to get sieges).


  3. Hey so I started reading this guide and saw you maxed your base in less than 2 years. I really want to do that. My main is a TH9 with 10/10 heroes and all buildings placed. After completing your recommended upgrades in your guide, should I rush to TH10?
    Thank you!


  4. Now that you’re maxed, maybe you can create a TH13 checklist. I’m a little confused when the best time to go to 13 is, I’ve seen you say somewhere you should have either lvl 50 aq or lvl 40 warden, but you’ve also said it’s better to rush straight from th11 to 13


  5. Question 1 -Well it’s been over a year since you did this but i hope to get a reply, i play this game a lot i have a “mid-level” th10, my aq is max, my king is 30 and my walls are max as well, i have absolutely nothing to spend elixir on, the lab is way too slow, should i rush my th to 11 when i get my king to lvl40? I’m seriously thinking about rushing it to th11 but i kind of like th10 attacks but i don’t want to waste my efforts.
    Question 2- i’m rushing a rushed th10 up to th12 because i play this game a lot and i need the siege machines pretty often, would you recommend rushing to th13 as well? thanks in advance


  6. Question 1 -Well it’s been over a year since you did this but i hope to get a reply, i play this game a lot i have a “mid-level” th10, my aq is max, my king is 30 and my walls are max as well, i have absolutely nothing to spend elixir on, the lab is way too slow, should i rush my th to 11 when i get my king to lvl40? I’m seriously thinking about rushing it to th11 but i kind of like th10 attacks but i don’t want to waste my efforts.
    Question 2- i’m rushing a rushed th10 up to th12 because i play this game a lot and i need the siege machines pretty often, would you recommend rushing to th13 as well? thanks in advance


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