Day 379

Did quite poorly this season as my enemies were quite strong and I chose to attack maxed TH12 instead of hitting my mirror. Despite that, I managed to get 16 stars in this CWL with 2 triples. I hit lower (my mirror) towards the end of the war to get more stars and managed to get the 2nd highest amount of stars in my clan. I was only tripled once on defense which is slightly better than the previous season. This can be explained by my TH10/11 defenses this season compared to previous months.

My daily performance is shown in the pictures below:

Total: gained 16 stars, conceded 13 stars, net +3 stars

I could’ve done much better had I converted some of my attacks and managed to score the triple, two attacks in particular were really close while one was a really bad attack.

You can view all my attacks in the video block below. If you guys like it, I will try my best to do one every month so that you all can see how I attack and how badly I fail.

Crystal 1 seems to be getting stronger and stronger by the month. Our clan will need to step up if we wish to remain. As is, we only scored #6 because our clan has a really really weak bottom half. We lost to the #8 in our roster because they have a really weak top but strong bottom comparatively. If there are any promising players, please come and apply to my clan. I would accept you if I’m online.

At least we were not demoted but we might be in another 1-2 months if we remain weak.

#2 in my clan for stars gained. The #1 actually hit a lot of lower players which is why he had way more stars.

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