Did really well this season unlike the last. I targeted my mirror on every battle instead of hitting up on #2 which probably made a difference. My clan was really weak this season compared to normal but we pulled through and managed to stay in Crystal.

All 7 battles below:

As my defenses are much stronger now, I’m no longer 3 starred in CWL now. It only took me 2-3 months to upgrade my defenses to survive attacks these days. I’m still using that very lopsided base with nearly exposed TH and most players go for the TH side, resulting in low 1 stars and some 2 stars.

Since CWL is progression based, upgrading defenses result in more net stars for me. Compared to regular wars where it is vastly different, upgrading defenses barely or never helps because its a zero sum game. This is why I don’t like regular wars at all, you cannot out-progress your enemies because each upgrade you do is a similar upgrade to your enemy.

Despite only having 2 wins, our clan managed to get #5 comfortably to stay within the league. I’m still trying to get interested rushers to join our clan so that we can slowly grow and maybe some day push through to Masters. Half of the clan is quite incompetent though so it may just be a dream.

TinySin managed to get 6 triples and only 1 two star. This season has been really great for me and the 3 stars were quite convincing. Video will be attached separately.

I got 254 medals and another bonus of 75 for being the top performer. Getting 329 medals translate to 2.6 hammer of buildings which can skip about a month of upgrade time. I’ll need to save some medals for when TH13 comes though. I will probably have all 3 heroes upgrading and that makes buying builder potions more worth it by then.

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